It will be the first Dacia to cost over £25,000. The production version of the Dacia Bigster Concept finally seems to be on the verge of being launched on the market. Proof of this are the pictures in this sighting, which show prototypes being tested with production bodies.

Furthermore, they are already on the road open to normal traffic. These features indicate that development is well advanced and the car is about to make its debut.

Gallery: Dacia Bigster concept

The Bigster was presented as a concept car in January 2021 and also served as a preview of the new generation of the Duster. Its final version will, roughly speaking, be an extended version of the new Duster, but will still be differentiated from it.

The Bigster (the name has already been confirmed) will be around 4.60 metres long (compared to 4.34 metres for the Duster) and will be characterised most of all by the additional space in the interior. It will belong to the so-called C-segment and offer space for up to 7 passengers (compared to 5 in its sibling model).


In the series version, the Bigster will use environmentally friendly materials in the interior and body elements made from recycled plastic. Like the Duster, it will do without imitation chrome or aluminium, giving the model a robust and sober appearance. Furthermore, the SUV will be positioned as Dacia's flagship model and is based on the Renault-Nissan Group's CMF-B platform.

Dacia Bigster-Konzept

Dacia Bigster Concept

It will therefore be possible to equip it with both conventional engines and hybrid drives. The Duster is available with 100, 130 and 140 PS, and it is possible that the Bigster will go one better.

When the concept was presented three years ago, Dacia said that the name "Bigster" was chosen during a coffee break. In other words, it was not certain whether the name would be retained for the production vehicle, which opened up the possibility of a new nomenclature.

Dacia Bigster concept

In terms of design, there will be no major changes to the new Duster, which is already on the roads in Europe. As mentioned, the main difference between the two SUVs will be in the length and interior layout.

The Duster will carry five passengers, while the Bigster, thanks to its longer wheelbase, will offer space for up to seven people and more refinement in the interior. The market launch is expected to take place in 2025, initially in Europe with the Dacia version.

In January 2024, the manufacturer officially announced: "The new Dacia Duster and the new Dacia Spring, with a completely new exterior and interior design, will be available to order from March 2024 and will arrive in dealership showrooms in the summer. The Dacia Bigster in the C-segment will also celebrate its world premiere at the end of 2024."