The Mini Aceman will be unveiled later this year. There is no official date, but since there has always been talk of spring, it is easy to imagine that the unveiling is very close. Further confirmation comes in the form of photos (unofficial and online via showing the car ready for production.

As discerning readers will recall, Mini showed some images back in January, with enough camouflage to keep the novelty from being fully visible. Here, however, we get a good look at what it looks like, both front and rear, while the interior remains a mystery.

True to itself

In July 2022 we showed you the Mini Aceman in concept form followed by spy photos and official images released by Mini, confirming the many aesthetic similarities between concept and production model.

The leaked shots show a look very similar to that of the new Countryman, including the front light clusters.

Mini Aceman leaked photos

Mini Aceman, the leaked photo

Mini Aceman leaked photos

The rear of the Mini Aceman S

At the rear, the headlamp design is as always reminiscent of the Union Jack and another interesting detail we can see is the S version, again distinguished by its yellow colour. The lettering in Oriental characters on the rear, on the other hand, suggests that the shots were taken in China.

The interior of the Aceman still remains a mystery, however it is easy to expect the circular OLED monitor in the centre of the dashboard, like the latest Mini and already present on the concept.

Mini Cooper Electric (2024)

Mini Cooper 2023 interior

Mini Concept Aceman Pokemon Mode

Mini Aceman Concept with Pokemon Mode 

How the Aceman ranks among the Mini.

The Mini Aceman is an electric-only B-segment crossover that will be positioned between the three-door Cooper and the Countryman (the Clubman era is now over, after more than 1.1 million units produced). It will be 4.07 metres long, 1.75 metres wide and 1.49 metres high. Here is the data for comparison:

Data Mini Cooper Mini Aceman Mini Countryman 
Length 3,858 mm 4,075 mm 4,433 mm
Width 1,756 mm 1,754 mm 1,843 mm
Height 1,460 mm 1,495 mm 1,656 mm
Wheelbase 2,526 mm 2,605 mm (?) 2,692 mm
Doors/seats 3/4 5/5 5/5
Drive type and power Front 184 PS
Front 218 PS
? Front 204 PS 
AWD 313 PS 
Battery 37 or 50 kWh 54 kWh 66 kWh
Range up to 190 or 250 miles approx. 249 miles (?) up to 287 miles
Basic price €47,355 n.a. n.a. euro
Market launch On the market 2025 (?) During 2024

The official debut, as anticipated, should take place this spring, while the commercial launch is planned for 2025.

Gallery: Mini Aceman, leaked photos