UK engineering firm Viritech has introduced what could be the world's first off-the-shelf hydrogen powertrain. Dubbed the VPT60N, this pioneering module offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturers seeking to swiftly incorporate fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) into their lineups. Comprising a fuel cell, hydrogen tank, battery pack, electric motor, and transmission, the VPT60N represents a highly configurable and plug-and-play solution to propel vehicles using hydrogen technology.

The system is targeted at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Tier-1 suppliers, and research bodies engaged in FCEV development. At the core of the VPT60N lies a potent 60 kW fuel cell seamlessly integrated with a 350 bar hydrogen storage system boasting a capacity of 6 kg. Complementing this setup is a 16 kWh battery pack operating at 400V, complete with a sophisticated management system and cooling components. Viritech's proprietary Tri-Volt energy management system dynamically adjusts power distribution between the fuel cell and battery, optimising efficiency and performance under varying conditions.

“The launch of the first powertrain in our vehicle powertrain family realises years of hard work at Viritech. We are excited to make available to OEMs and tier-one manufacturers a viable, available and easily integrated fuel cell powertrain which enables vehicle manufacturers to accelerate the delivery of fuel cell vehicles on and off highway,” Viritech CEO Timothy Lyons comments.

Moreover, the VPT60N's versatility extends to its compatibility with a wide array of vehicle types, thanks to both standardised and bespoke configurations of the battery pack and hydrogen tanks. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into diverse automotive platforms.

While initially available in non-homologated form for prototyping purposes, Viritech offers comprehensive engineering support to facilitate the integration of the VPT60N into fully homologated FCEV products. Leveraging their expertise and resources, Viritech's engineering team collaborates with partner companies to refine and adapt the powertrain to meet regulatory standards and commercial requirements.