Audi has given the A3 family a facelift. So far so good. If you want to find out every little detail about the subtle redesign, we recommend clicking the link in the first sentence. Or you have already come here from there to find out more about the actual innovation - the crossy Audi A3 Allstreet.

"Even at first glance, the Audi A3 allstreet stands out from the other derivatives of the A3 family. As a crossover in the premium compact class, it has a completely independent look. Theaim was to emphasise the higher ground clearance even more clearly with specific design elements."

Stephan Fahr-Becker - Team Leader Exterior Design Audi AG

This was realised, among other things, by vertically emphasising the matt black painted single-frame radiator grille. It is also higher than on the normal A3 Sportback and is intended to bring the crossover closer to the Q models. Three Allstreet-typical notches or indentations at the front and rear also emphasise the off-road character. At the front, they are integrated into the spoiler lip, which hints at an underride guard, and at the rear into the diffuser as part of the rear bumper. These are joined by dark-coloured sill trims on the lower section of the doors. Railings are fitted as standard on the roof of the Audi.

Gallery: Audi A3 allstreet (2024)

The suspension of the A3 Allstreet is 15 millimetres higher than that of the A3 Sportback with standard suspension. Together with the larger tyre diameter, this results in 30 millimetres more ground clearance. Wide wheel arch mouldings also emphasise the wheel arches, in which 17-inch wheels are fitted as standard. However, 18- and 19-inch wheels are also available as an option for both models.

There isn't really much competition for the jacked-up compact. Kia has the XCeed, but that's about it. We asked Audi about the purpose of the A3 Allstreet. The answer roughly summarised: They wanted to continue the success of the A1 Allstreet (formerly A1 Citycarver) one class higher, so customers could differentiate themselves more strongly with this derivative as they were offering "increased comfort in the form of the higher seating position, comfortable entry and better all-round visibility". It is difficult to judge whether the high A1 is really a success, but the rest is of course plausible.

Like the other A3 models, the allstreet will be available to order from March and will roll off the production line in Ingolstadt. It can be ordered as a 35 TFSI with a 1.5-litre engine producing 150 PS. With a 7-speed automatic and later also as a 6-speed manual. The 35 TDI is available as a diesel, which also produces 150 PS and can only be equipped with the 7-speed S tronic. A version with all-wheel drive will follow in combination with the 2.0-litre petrol engine in 2025.

Audi UK has not confirmed yet if the A3 Allstreet will be be offered, however, prices start at €37,450 in Germany. An increase of €1,800 compared to the non-crossover model.