When it comes to buying a recreational vehicle, whether new or second-hand, many drivers hesitate between a camper van and a motorhome.

Which is better? The truth is that it depends on the tastes and needs of each individual. Although, as a general rule, a camper van is more interesting if you are looking for a model with which you can move around with more agility and, above all, if you want something that can be bought at a cheaper price.

However, there are also larger and more complete camper vans, with a slightly higher cost, but extremely well equipped. This is the case with this preparation by the Italian specialist Laika. Specifically, in the 645 model of the Ecovip family, which happens to be the most complete in the catalogue.

A camper with a Fiat base and up to 180 PS

Based on a Fiat Ducato with a 140 PS turbodiesel engine and six-speed manual gearbox, complemented by a 75-litre fuel tank, it ensures great autonomy on long journeys. In addition, as an option, the 180 PS 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine and six-speed automatic transmission are available.

Gallery: Laika Ecovip 645

In essence, the Ecovip 645 is a camper van that does not renounce any kind of comfort, as the integrated bathroom or the full kitchen will make you feel at home.

What's more, the interior can accommodate up to four occupants when it's time to sleep, in a vehicle that is 6.36 metres long, 2.05 metres wide and 2.70 metres high, combined with a wheelbase of 4.03 metres.

Laika Ecovip 645

Turning to the kitchen, the Ecovip 645 integrates two gas burners, with two 5-kilogram cylinders, and is complemented by the sink and a 90-litre capacity fridge, along with a 100-litre fresh water tank and an 80-litre grey water tank.

Similarly, small electrical appliances can be connected thanks to two 230V sockets, one 12V socket and up to four USB sockets scattered around the interior. 

Finally, the Laika Ecovip 645 can be fitted with optional features such as an optional lift-up roof with an extra double bed on top, a 138-litre fridge, a 90 Ah auxiliary battery and a 4-metre exterior awning.

How much is the model priced? Well, right now, it starts at €68,738 (approx. £58,500), which, while not cheap, is interesting in relation to everything it has to offer.