As you are well aware, the camper van segment is booming. This is of great interest to customers, who are spoilt for choice depending on a number of criteria, such as design, off-road capabilities, size, number of sleeping berths or simply budget.

In this case, the guys at Caravan Outfitter, based in Washington (USA), are renowned specialists when it comes to configuring small-sized models (in the American market) such as the Nissan NV200 or the Ford Transit Connect. However, they have now decided to take the leap to the upper category, opting for larger camper vans with greater configuration and customisation possibilities.

Gallery: Caravan Outfitter Alpaca camper van

Thus, the Alpaca (which is the name of the model you are looking at) is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AWD. We are talking about a 4x4 van that makes it a very appealing vehicle for the more adventurous customer or for those who simply enjoy outdoor sports.

As you can see in the pictures, it is a robust vehicle, reinforced in some places, but without any fuss. Inside there is room for two beds, seating for five occupants and plenty of space both inside and out, with the adoption of a practical awning.

Camper vans of this type don't usually offer five seats for travel, but the Alpaca is different and exploits the more family-friendly side of this type of vehicle, capable of satisfying your weekend adventure cravings as well as meeting the daily transport needs of the average family.

Caravan Outfitter Alpaca furgoneta camper

Caravan Outfitter uses a well-known technique to make the interior of the Alpaca. It is none other than the modular system, capable of installing and removing the camping modules when they are not needed, giving the Sprinter back its nature and capabilities as a cargo van.

Caravan Outfitter Alpaca furgoneta camper

Another special feature is that the three-seater rear bench seat, once camped, folds out, transforming into a bed, which joins the double bed that 'descends' from the roof, when required. Right next to the rear seats, on the passenger side, Caravan Outfitter installs an interior/exterior kitchen block.

Caravan Outfitter Alpaca furgoneta camper

It includes a 47-litre drawer fridge at the front end, which can be used both inside and outside, plus a portable induction hob. A large 'L' shaped folding outdoor table allows for outdoor cooking, while a long indoor worktop makes it possible to prepare food safe from bad weather.

Caravan Outfitter Alpaca furgoneta camper

A small sink connected to the 91-litre fresh water tank sits just behind the passenger-side rear door, and serves as both a kitchen and a 'deconstructed' bathroom sink. It does not, however, have a full bathroom, as is offered on some of its rivals.

In addition, the Alpaca has a 'solid' power supply system comprising a 300A lithium battery with 2,000W inverter, multiple sockets, grounding and 175W solar charging (optional) from roof-mounted panels.

Caravan Outfitter Alpaca furgoneta camper

What are the prices? As is often the case, the United States plays in a different league than Europe or the rest of the world. In the case of the Alpaca, the Caravan Outfitter starts at $129,914 (approx. £101,000 at the current exchange rate) for the standard model and from $137,112 (£106,600) for the AWD version.