We all agree that Renault has hit the nail on the head with the return of the legendary R5. However, some are sad about the fact that only electric versions are available and combustion options with hybrid electrification have been ruled out.

While waiting for the new R4 and Twingo to appear in 2025 and 2026, respectively, we have a great idea for the French brand. Why not resurrect the legendary R5 Turbo as well?

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Neo-retro' sports car

The attached images show how the historic French sports car could look like now, in the 21st century, and we think the result is truly spectacular. A credit to digital artist Patrick Pieper.

As you can see, the car's rectilinear design (use of straight lines), typical of the 1980s, would remain virtually intact, but with modern components, such as LED lighting and lights connected by a light strip.

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Perfect as a light hybrid

I particularly like the 'Turbo2' lettering on the side and the vintage-style wheels. I also think it's perfect to keep the side air intakes (remember that in the classic model, the engine was in the rear position), the three-door body and the exterior dimensions of the original car.

What kind of powertrain would you like for the Renault 5 Turbo 2024? Personally, I would choose a petrol engine with light hybridisation, so as not to lose the purity of the drive and also to have the convenience of electricity for driving around town. I would also like a six-speed manual gearbox, of course.

However, I wouldn't think it would be a bad idea to integrate the 200 PS non-plug-in hybrid powertrain offered by Renault in models like the Austral, although it would add to the overall weight of the car.

Finally, it's worth remembering that Alpine will have its own sporty (and all-electric) version of the R5, which will be rated at 290 PS, compared to the 150 PS that Renault's city car can deliver at most. You have our social media profiles to comment on what you think of the modern Turbo - what a dream it would be to see it back on the road!

Source: Autoevolution