Few doubt that the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the king of SUVs, but its crown could be threatened by a very special model. No, it's not a Jeep, Land Rover or Toyota. It's a Chinese 4x4, the Wey Tank 300.

Don't throw your hands up in disbelief because it really does have a lot of arguments for doing very well in the field. But there's no denying that its design has clear Ford Bronco and Suzuki Jimny cues. You know how the Chinese have a penchant for plagiarism.

Gallery: Wey Tank 300, the Chinese Ford Bronco

Mythical triple lock

This vehicle is 4.72 metres long, 1.93 metres wide and 1.92 metres high, with a wheelbase of 2.75 metres. It is therefore slightly smaller than the G-Class (4.82 x 1.93 x 1.97 m).

On the technical side, the Tank 300 adds all-wheel drive with a reduction gearbox and yes, three locking differentials, a quality for which the German 4x4 is famous and which the Chinese vehicle reproduces.

Wey Tank 300, el Ford Bronco chino

No diesel

Looking around the cabin, there's no doubt that the inspiration comes from the G-Class itself. Just look at the panoramic screen, in which the digital instrument cluster and the monitor for the multimedia system are integrated. Likewise, the turbine-design air vents are taken from various Mercedes-Benzes.  

The Chinese SUV is powered by a turbocharged petrol engine. This is a 2-litre four-cylinder block delivering 230 PS linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission. So the driver only has to use the accelerator and brakes to overcome off-road obstacles. Do I miss a diesel engine? Honestly, yes.

Cheaper than the Jimny!

There is no shortage of driving programmes, nine in total, some specific to improve the vehicle's off-road behaviour. And when it comes to extra equipment, the car can be configured with heated seats or a panoramic roof.

As standard, the price in your country is 175,800 yuan, which is €22,500 (£19,100) at the current exchange rate. A pittance from our European perspective, as the Jimny in Spain is currently priced at €23,868 (£20,300).

We don't know if the Wey Tank 300 will land in Europe, but what seems clear is that Chinese car manufacturers are daring with everything and also showing good products. As we have been warning for some time now, traditional brands should not rest on their laurels.