We are finishing the weekend, but before that happens, we would like to show you a camper van model designed for those more adventurous customers or lovers of extreme sports, willing to get lost in the middle of nowhere, in order to enjoy what they love the most.

We are talking about the Ford Transit Trail from the guys at VanDoIt, who have managed to create an adventurous camper van with all the necessary ingredients to make an enthusiast fall in love from the first glance. The American company calls it 'The MOOVE' and the customer can choose a regular Ford Transit Cargo or the more adventurous Trail version.

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You've probably already heard of VanDoIt and its proposals for camperisation of vehicles, always based on modularity. What does that mean? Well, its designs are based on 'plug-and-play' modules, which are inserted into the interior of the van, anchored, electrical connections are made and that's it. This technique greatly facilitates the off-plan design process.

In the case in point, the Transit Trail The MOOVE, is an ideal base, because it has all-wheel drive and the suspension has been raised an extra 8.9 centimetres. The tracks have been widened, off-road tyres have been added, plus a towing device capable of 'pulling' up to 2,950 kg, to name just a few of the most important modifications.

Ford Transit camper de VanDolt

For the curious, the key to the success of VanDoIt's campervan conversions lies in the T-track aluminium skeleton, which acts as a mounting frame for the rest of the components, accessories and even the customer's choice of livery.

Ford Transit camper de VanDolt

Although the images that accompany this article speak for themselves, the main innovation from the guys at VanDoIt is the third bed option, called "drawbridge bed". The two panels of the sleeping platform fold up against the wall, leaving a practical central passageway.

Ford Transit camper de VanDolt

When it's time to go to bed, those panels, which remain folded against the sides, fold out with the help of a cushioning system, creating a raised double bed, which occupies the entire width of the van.

In terms of comfort, the Transit Trail The MOOVE has an interior shower with hot and cold water, thanks to an 83-litre water tank, electric water heater and thermostatic mixer (hot/cold), which can be removed when not in use.

Ford Transit camper de VanDolt

On-board electricity is ensured thanks to a Stage 3 electric package with up to 1,380 Ah battery. Solar panels on the roof add an extra 600W of power, available on sunny days.

Finally, VanDoIt is already marketing the Ford Transit Trail The MOOV, for a starting price of $114,900 (around £89,400 at current exchange rates). Of course, this amount varies depending on the base van chosen and the options that each customer wants to include when configuring their vehicle.