Jean Philippe Imparato, Alfa Romeo's number one, vindicates the success of his product plan for the Italian company, which is progressing at a good pace and is producing positive results. First the Tonale, then the 33 Stradale and soon the Milano, the company's first urban SUV, which will be unveiled on 10 April. 

But the passionate French CEO, who gathered the Italian press at the Alfa Museum in Arese, doesn't want to talk about the present, but about what comes next: the new Giulia and Stelvio, of course, but also his secret dream - to resurrect the Duetto.

Two years to design them

The Stelvio and Giulia are ready. Their designs are 'frozen', as they say in industry jargon, after two years of work. So much so that Imparato is candid about the result:

'What we have designed is a bomb. We couldn't close the styling of these cars without being absolutely in love with them. And now we are.

The first to be shown will be the Stelvio in the second half of 2025. Then comes the new Giulia in early 2026. Both will be built in Italy, in Cassino (unlike the Milano, which will be assembled in Poland) and are developed on the STLA Large platform, following the Stellantis Group's multi-energy strategy, which foresees the parallel development of 100% electric and partially electrified versions.

Imparato took the opportunity to highlight those who had criticised this approach:

Two years ago, when people were talking about a multi-energy platform, it wasn't very fashionable, was it? Today it seems that it is not good to be only electric?

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2025, render exclusivo de

Recreación Alfa Romeo Giulia 2026

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2026, render de

Recreación Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2025

Alfa Romeo-style platform

The conversation then turned to the merits of the STLA Large platform, the outlines of which had already been anticipated by Stellantis: 800V architecture for the electric version, range of up to 435 miles (in the homologation cycle) and integration with the new software architecture called STLA BRAIN.

To those who provocatively asked how the Giulia relates to the new Dodge Challenger just unveiled in the United States, Imparato replied that the tuning of the car will be completely different thanks to the flexibility of the platform, which allows the wheelbase, overall length, width and ground clearance to be defined along with different suspension modules.

Plataforma STLA Large

Therefore, it is possible to achieve all the qualities that determine driving pleasure, such as the distance between the centre of the front wheels and the driver's feet or the front and rear overhangs.

Dodge Charger Daytona (2024)

The new Dodge Charger Daytona electric

STLA BRAIN, the new electronic brain

The new Stelvio and Giulia will be the first Stellantis cars to adopt the new software architecture governed by a completely new proprietary operating system, which the multinational will unveil at the upcoming Investor Day in June.

The anticipated features broadly follow those offered by other brands (full 'over the air' updates, cloud platform for data storage, on-demand services, etc.), but we will have to wait for the unveiling to fully understand the level of innovation.

What is certain is that Alfa Romeo will also focus on the resale of digital services or, in any case, optional extras that can be purchased through the infotainment system.

Plan de producto de Alfa Romeo hasta 2027

Alfa beyond 2027

The future after the Stelvio and Giulia will be defined by the end of 2024 and Imparato confirmed that there are several options on the table. The choice will be closely linked to the short-term commercial results with the Milano and then to the reception of the new Stelvio in markets such as the US, Japan and China.

Taking advantage of the Large platform, there would be the possibility of developing an E-segment SUV (larger than the Stelvio), which has been talked about several times in recent months, or a large sports saloon, a body style that would be consistent with the aerodynamic efficiency requirements of electric cars, but also with the tradition of the Alfa Romeo brand.

Dreaming of a new (electric) Duetto

Imparato did not rule out new, more compact models that could, among other things, favour the return of an Alfa Romeo Spider. Because the Duetto that Imparato has in mind is likely to be electric, to make the new generation of 'alfistas' dream.