German tuning specialist BRABUS has opened it’s first ever boutique in Dubai last month. The opening of the new lifestyle-oriented showroom was accompanied by the public premiere of it’s brand new Brabus Rocket 1000. The limited run model of which only 25 will be made, is based on AMG’s GT 63 S E Performance hybrid model.

With a power output of 1,000 PS and a maximum torque of 1,820 Nm, the new hybrid saloon is the most powerful Brabus car of all time and for the first time in their history, they present a BRABUS Rocket with four-digit performance figures. The four-door GT will catapult you from zero to 62 mph in 2.6 seconds and it will go up to a top speed of 196 mph.

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Like any other vehicle coming from within the BRABUS factory in Bottrop, Germany, you can fully customise the vehicle and include as many specific details as you would like. The boutique allows the customer to specify their own vehicle, using a wide array of exterior and interior samples alongside a special room called the “BRABUS Configuration Space”, fully equipped with a large screen and online specification tool.

BRABUS Boutique

The BRABUS Boutique opened its doors last month and has found its location in the heart of Dubai, in the City Walk lifestyle space, not far from Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Downtown. This outdoor shopping mall is home to a host of shops and boutiques of famous luxury brands as well as to exquisite restaurants, cafés and bars.

The new showroom which will become a new hotspot for automotive connoisseurs, will not only present the company’s high-performance cars. The combination of luxury lifestyle and automotive has fully landed for BRABUS, who are known for their annual car catwalk events.

Next to a complete fashion line, fans and customers are also able to get advice on the luxury boats and motorbikes, which are offered in BRABUS specifications and in collaboration with their partners; Finnish boat builder Axopar Boat and Austrian motorcycle producer KTM.

The BRABUS spokespeople shared that more boutiques will be opened across the globe over the coming years and months. The Dubai showroom is just a first step in a further development of embracing topics connecting to your everyday lifestyle, while transforming the German brand from a pure automotive tuner to a broader lifestyle-orientated brand covering segments like luxury boats, motorcycles, fashion, furniture, interior decoration and much more.

For those who want to visit the location in Dubai, make sure to visit the City Walk shopping area. The boutique is located at the outer east-side of the mall. If you need parking, it is available underneath the mall.