In the price list, the BMW M240i is still £15,895 away from its more radical performance brother, the M2. This can make you wonder whether you really need the fully-fledged M variant. Especially because the 240 ex works with 374 PS and 500 Nm torque is not exactly a choirboy. But how about the 86 PS that it still lacks to become an M model? Well, that's what the tuner is for. 

G-Power, for example. The Bavarians are known to do some pretty crazy things with the vehicles from Munich. 660 PS in the old M2 or 900 PS in the M5 CS are just two examples. Now they have a few new treats up their sleeve for the current M240i. The B58 turbo six-cylinder has been pimped in four different power levels. The most powerful of these raises the output to 520 PS. This easily puts the 460 PS M2 in the shade. 

The extra power is achieved through a combination of software and hardware modifications. These include the in-house GP-520 performance software, optimised turbochargers (GP-550), an intercooler, new sports downpipes and a sports exhaust system.

According to G-Power, even in this top configuration, you should still be able to get away paying less than with the purchase of an M2, and you can see how it all sounds and drives here in the video: 

However, G-Power also caters for those with a smaller budget for improving propulsion. The 420 PS version is the cheapest option. Here, only the software is tweaked. The 450 PS level requires additional sports downpipes and a new rear silencer. 480 PS is achieved with the complete exhaust system and the intercooler. 

For those who want a more customised tuning: motorsport downpipes, boost pressure pipes and sports air filters are also available separately from the tuner from Aresing. With regard to the upgrade turbochargers, there is the choice of either having them built on the basis of existing or supplied turbochargers or purchasing them as a complete package including OEM turbos.

The M240i you see here in the pictures is also fitted with a set of 19-inch G-Power Hurricane RS forged wheels with 245/35 and 255/35 Michelin tyres. For the interior, the tuner offers its own car mats, carbon gearshift paddles, two different carbon design sports steering wheels and complete leather upholstery. 

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