Many people turn to a van like the Mercedes-Benz V-Class when they need a premium family car or a luxury transfer vehicle. That's why this Mercedes-Benz is usually not a model that can be bought on the cheap.

Are you sure? Because today we bring you an interesting alternative, although as you might have guessed, it's not from the German brand, but a preparation from the people at Damd, with a much more interesting price (and very compact dimensions).

Does the name ring a bell? Of course it does, as we recently presented their brilliant modern reinterpretation of the classic Renault 4. In addition, they have also turned the Suzuki Jimny, one of the cheapest off-roaders available in Europe, into the 4x4 of a thousand faces.

Surely you remember, we have already analysed the small Japanese off-roader which has been transformed into luxury models such as the classic Land Rover Defender or the already iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class, or even as the sportiest version of the Geländewagen, the Mercedes-AMG G 63. How about a genuine American 4x4 such as the Ford Bronco or into rally legends such as the Renault 5 Turbo or the Lancia Delta Integrale?

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Clase V by Damd

A Honda Vamos, converted into a Mercedes V-Class

As you may have already figured out, the result of this project is not a sports or classic car, but a practical and adorable Mercedes-Benz V-Class van... built on the base of a Honda Vamos.

If you're not familiar with the name, let us tell you that this is a modest Japanese kei-car, with just 64 PS and an MPV approach, which is no longer sold new... but which can be found on the second-hand market, for about 450,000 yen (about £2,400, at the current exchange rate).

On that basis, and with the addition of a body kit costing around £1,600, Damd builds the smallest V-Class we've ever seen, for a price that, in total, comes to around £4,000. Of course, we imagine that the 15-inch DAMD ESSEN wheels will be left out of the equation.

As usual from the tuning house, the kit includes front grille, front fairing with light kit, front bumper, rear fairing with rear light kit and rear bumper.

Gallery: Renault 4 modern classic from Damd