Normally, when we talk about recreational vehicles on the web, we always like to look for curious caravans, cheap camper vans or well-equipped motorhomes.

And in this case, we've turned to the second-hand market (a growing segment among campers) to find a motorhome that's more practical than a campervan... and attractively priced. And yes, it exists!

Essentially, we are talking about a Rapido 9010dF motorhome, which is advertised on a web portal and is located in Lugo, Spain. From the photos, it appears to be in good condition and is reported to have had only one owner.

A motorhome that sleeps 4 people

Going into detail, we are talking about a 2009 model year and, according to the advert, it has a total of 102,000 kilometres. But it also looks like it has been advertised for quite a long time...

Compared to a camper, however, it is a 6.48 metre long motorhome, which limits its use to large spaces... but it does offer greater habitability and four comfortable sleeping places. 

Gallery: Rapido 9010dF motorhome

With a 130 hp Fiat diesel engine

What else do we know about it? Well, it has an exterior awning on the side and a practical rear rack for carrying several bicycles on holiday, which is always a plus.

Inside, there's a small dinette and a larger, U-shaped seating area at the rear, on which a double bed is installed for sleeping. A second double bed sits on the front seats. 

And the galley? Well, it has three burners and a sink and fridge, so it's not bad at all, while the bathroom integrates a sink, toilet and shower in the same space. And yes, for the winter, there is no shortage of hot water and underfloor heating. 

The price of this motorhome? €41,000

Moving on to the mechanics, as we mentioned before, it is powered by a 2.3 Multijet turbodiesel block with 130 PS, combined with a six-speed manual gearbox. 

According to the advert (which you can access from the following link), the price for this Rapido 9010dF is €41,000 (approx. £35,000), an interesting and even reasonable figure for a motorhome of this size and with this equipment.

Source and photos: Rapido Ocassions, via Spain