Improved team radio broadcasts, a new rear-facing camera and enhanced replays are the key components of an enhanced offering Formula 1 television viewers will get for 2024.

With F1 regularly pushing to improve technology for the international feed that is sent to broadcasters, a host of new developments are being introduced for the 2024 season.

Here is a run through of what is changing.

Better team radio

Team radio broadcasts will be improved for 2024, which should help deliver better messages and in a more timely manner.

F1 has created a new system to speed up the process of picking out the best team radio and getting it broadcast on the international feed. It should also help it not miss key moments that previously slipped through the net.

F1's director of broadcast and media Dean Locke said: "We haven't changed the delivery platform, but we've changed the producers' monitoring platforms.

"Occasionally we would get a snippet of team radio that was in a really long sequence, and even with four listeners and two producers they wouldn't quite get it all.

"Now, we can see all the radio coming in, and it's all subtitled as well, so we won't miss those nuggets.

"It should also be a bit quicker. We're normally running on about a 15-second delay roughly, and we are talking about shaving two or three seconds of that turnaround time. It doesn't sound much, but actually, it can be quite important."

Camera changes

Formula 1 2024 onboard gyro screenshot

F1 will roll out increased use of the gyroscopic camera that was used a few times during last season.

Having originally been introduced to highlight the banked corners at Zandvoort, the impact it made when run on Fernando Alonso's car in Brazil convinced F1 to push on and use it more.

F1 is also set to introduce a new rear-facing camera that is fitted to the rear light. The view, tested out during 2023, will deliver a much better visual impact about the proximity of pursuing cars.

Locke said: "Our current rear facing camera is good, but it's in the middle of the car. So, you don't get what we have in Porsche Supercup, where it can be bumper to bumper.

"We're not quite there, but we're getting very, very close. So I'm hoping as a target to try and get that out."

It is hoped that the camera will be ready to broadcast from the Miami Grand Prix.

New graphics and replays

Formula 1 2024 picture-in-picture replay screenshot

There has also been a revamp of the television graphics, with an increased use of alerts for significant developments in the race, such as a change in weather or new race leader.

F1 will also make more use of picture-in-picture images to better show track or pitlane incidents, which will help improve awareness of multiple incidents taking place at the same time.

Augmented reality

Formula 1 2024 AR graphics screenshot

F1 will also expand its use of augmented reality. Previously this has mainly been used for sponsor logos around the tracks, but for 2024 it will be utilised for in-race information too, such as the numbers of laps remaining.