We were wrong. We thought that 'Pandina' would become the new official name of the Fiat Panda until the electric car arrives (on 11 July 2024). This is not the case.

The Fiat Pandina unveiled today does not replace the range of the Italian bestseller in its entirety, but represents a special series (not a limited edition) with the richest and most comprehensive equipment. Specific details are added to the bodywork, which remains unchanged, and the interior is more technologically advanced.

A series of new features that will be available, as an option, on the rest of the Fiat Panda range, which, as Oliver François (the company's number one) points out, is destined to be produced at Pomigliano d'Arco until at least 2027.

How do you recognise the Fiat Pandina?

Based on the Cross trim level, with its off-road look, the new Fiat is distinguished by the 'Pandina' lettering found on the black covers on the lower part of the doors and on the rear side windows. The Panda snout can also be seen on the alloy wheel trims and the new body colours.

Fiat Panda Pandina

Fiat Pandina

Fiat Panda Pandina

Fiat Pandina, the side window

For the rest, everything is identical to the current Panda, from the dimensions (3.69 metres long, 1.66 wide, 1.55 high and 2.3 wheelbase) to the general appearance. A complete Fiat Panda that wants to stand out from the crowd.

Technology that's been missing

City cars are a declining segment, but the few that remain offer 'big' technology, a point on which the Panda has suffered in comparison. With the Pandina, the gap is closing. For the first time, the 7-inch digital instrument panel with various graphics is available on the city car, flanked by a new central screen (also 7 inches) for the infotainment system.

Fiat Panda 2022 interni
Fiat Panda 2024 interni

The display size is the same as that available today, but in terms of hardware, some elements change, such as the USB socket (type A), which is moved to the centre in a lowered position, with four touch-sensitive buttons on the sides to call up certain menu items on the fly. The steering wheel is also new, with a design very similar to that of the Tipo. On the spokes are a number of physical buttons to control the various instrument and infotainment screens, as well as the driver assistance systems.

This is where the Fiat Panda 2024 takes a big step forward. For the first time, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping, driver fatigue detection, traffic sign recognition and cruise control are available as standard on the Pandina. Automatic high beam, 6 airbags and rear parking sensors complete the equipment. 

Fiat Panda Pandina

Fiat Pandina, digital instrumentation

Fiat Panda Pandina

Fiat Pandina, rear

Nothing has changed under the bonnet. The Fiat Pandina is powered by the usual 70 PS 1.0-litre mild hybrid combined with front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual gearbox. Prices have not yet been announced, but we do know that the new special version will be positioned at the top end of the range.

Gallery: Fiat Panda Pandina