We have already imagined the new Dacia Duster in all possible variants. As a convertible, for example. Or as a coupé. Now we're going to show you something that may seem crazy at first glance, but has a very real background: A Duster pick-up.

In South America, there is the Renault Oroch based on the first Duster generation. It was launched in 2015 and underwent a major facelift in 2022 (see image gallery). In Brazil, it competes with pick-ups with a payload of one tonne such as the Fiat Toro. The Oroch was unable to keep pace with the changes made to its brother, the Duster, and ultimately lost ground in the category.

The renewal of the Oroch has already been signalled by Renault itself and is scheduled to take place by 2027. Designers are already starting to place their bets and virtually visualise what the new pick-up will look like. The Kolesa website has published a number of renderings based on the new generation of the Duster, which will soon be available in Europe.

Neuer Renault Oroch auf Basis des Duster

The recipe is the same as for the current Oroch, with a design derived directly from the SUV and visual changes only at the rear (with an extended wheelbase and, of course, the additional load area). Although the projections are well done, they don't show exactly the path Renault will take.

Renault Niagara Concept live

Renault Niagara Concept

According to the brand itself, the next generation of the Oroch will be independent of the Duster and will have a unique design derived directly from the Niagara Concept shown recently. The future pick-up will be larger (it will probably have the same length of 4.90 metres and a wheelbase of 2.95 metres as the concept) and will be built on the CMF-B modular platform (the same as the Kardian, but also the new Duster).

For comparison: the Fiat Toro (as the main competitor) is 4.91 metres long and has a wheelbase of 2.99 metres, while the current Renault Oroch measures 4.72 metres and 2.82 metres respectively.

Renault Niagara Pick-up Concept

Thanks to the new base, the next Oroch will be able to include hybrid versions in its portfolio. With the Niagara Concept, Renault has already hinted at the direction it will take by equipping the prototype with E-Tech Hybrid 4x4 technology. The system with two technical settings utilises a combustion engine with a 48-volt mild hybrid system at the front axle and an additional electric motor at the rear.

The production version of the Niagara will be manufactured at the Santa Isabel plant in Argentina, with Brazil being the main market. The name Niagara is even being considered to replace the Oroch type used today. The market launch is scheduled for 2027.