We love Stellantis' project to breathe life into brands like Maserati and Alfa Romeo, as well as 'resurrecting' another historic brand like Lancia. Any other brands we'd like to see back on the market? For example, Saab. 

Right now, the Swedish brand is owned by the Chinese multinational Evergrande Group, which, why not, could consider bringing the Swedish company back as a 100% electric manufacturer. We, of course, would be delighted. 

However, there are no firm plans at the moment, but what if an automotive giant such as Stellantis itself were to buy Saab? It would be confirmation that the Nordic firm would sooner or later get a second life. 

Gallery: Last Saab 9-3 produced

An electric SUV from Saab

In this ideal scenario, would ideally start the range with an electric SUV, as it is still the fashionable format and eco-mobility is increasingly present in European countries. 

In fact, the digital illustration you can see at the top of this article is inspired by the Saab 9-X Concept from 2001 and has attractive, modern lines. Of course, the standard model would have smaller wheels, but the overall aesthetics could remain unchanged. 

The new Saab's SUV would be rivalled by the future Audi Q6 e-tron, the BMW iX3 or the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, as well as the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, among others. The proposal sounds great!

And why not?

Realistically, a lot would have to change to see the 'resurrection' of Saab, but then again, we couldn't have believed the return of the Lancia Delta and so, it will be a reality in 2028. So never give up hope. 

If you remember, the Swedish firm's last model was the 9-5, based on the first Opel Insignia. It was a very interesting vehicle from a design point of view and with a premium character, albeit with less overall quality than the German saloons. Anyway, we want you to leave us your opinion about Saab and its hypothetical comeback on our social media profiles. Would you be happy with it or would it be a non-starter?