Bugatti has attached 21 pictures with its latest press release. They show the completely insane hypercar doing test laps in Imola. You probably know that this most extreme vehicle, based on the Chiron, is not road-legal, but it does have 1,850 PS and that has to be captured. To do this, it needs solid braking power and that produces magnificent photos, as you can see above this paragraph.

A braking system from Brembo is responsible for the chic glow behind the immensely light track wheels. To be precise, this is a "carbon-carbon" system from the Italians with two 8-piston monobloc calipers at the front and two 6-piston units at the rear. The calipers themselves are milled from an aluminium alloy and nickel-coated. 

Bugatti Bolide Track Testing

The four calipers bite into discs measuring 390x37.5 millimetres on both axles. There are four 25 mm brake pads at the front, while the rear brake pads are marginally thinner at 24.5 millimetres. According to Bugatti, all of this adds up to the largest carbon brake system that Brembo has ever created. The luxury manufacturer from Molsheim also claims that it is "in no way inferior to the technology of LMh/LMDh and Formula 1 racing cars".

"Developing the braking system for the Bugatti Bolide was a unique and very exciting challenge for Brembo's Performance Division - and we are proud of what we have achieved," said Mario Almondo, Chief Operating Officer of Brembo Performance. "We had to re-engineer the entire system to cope with the incredible yet demanding characteristics and performance of the Bolide."

Bugatti Bolide Track Testing

And the COO adds: "By using carbon components similar to those used in Formula 1, we were able to develop a maximally lightweight design despite the size and performance of the Bolide." One brake disc of the Bolide weighs 3.175 kilos, for example. Bugatti recently took the car to Imola - officially known as the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari - to carry out bad weather tests. It has to be done, even with a hypercar worth millions that is not road-legal, has 1,850 PS and weighs just 1,450 kilos. 

Sounds like quite an adventure, but we know how meticulously and conscientiously Bugatti follows its exhaustive test procedures. We have been watching the Bolide for quite some time now. First unveiled in 2020, we've seen it wowing audiences at the usual glamour car shows. We've seen it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill Climb and we've even seen it without any body panels.

Last we heard, deliveries are scheduled for early 2024. That would be pretty much ... now. There was no new information on this in the latest press release. However, this won't affect many people anyway. The French will produce 40 examples of the Bolide each will cost around €4 million (approx. £3.5 million). 

Gallery: Bugatti Bolide Track Testing

Source: Bugatti