It's no secret that the pure SUV segment is booming, right? There are a few left, but the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Bronco, Ineos Grenadier or Land Rover Defender are becoming more and more sought-after models.

However, a few years ago, a rather simple model such as the Suzuki Jimny, which is also the cheapest SUV on the market, showed another simple way, which has become a trend of small, affordable 4x4s.

Obviously, the aforementioned manufacturers are not going to launch SUVs that can be bought on the cheap, but it seems they may be willing to expand their business at the lower end with new models such as this hypothetical Land Rover Defender Sport (or Defender 80).

Land Rover 'Baby' Defender, will it become a reality?

Mercedes-Benz has already announced that it intends to launch a 'Little G', or in other words, a miniature, 100% electric G-Class with all-wheel drive.

Gallery: Land Rover Defender 80, rendered by

And after unveiling the already successful and highly desirable new Land Cruiser, it seems that Toyota could also follow suit, with an equally electrified mini Land Cruiser. So why shouldn't Land Cruiser do it? Why isn't Land Rover going to do it?

What do we know and what do the rumours say about this future Defender more affordable in price and smaller in size? Well, it could be a compact SUV, measuring between 4.4 and 4.7 metres in length.

Also, as Autocar reported some time ago, that it should use JLR's new EMA (Electric Modular Architecture) platform, created for 100% electric models.

In any case, this new electric model would not arrive before 2027, in the midst of the brand's revolution, which by then should have already presented the new emission-free Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque and Velar.

Gallery: Land Rover Defender 130 D250 MHEV SE test

Photo by: Óscar Romero