The petrol-engined version of the Totem GT, the all-Italian remake of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT of the 1960s, was unveiled in December. Equipped with a 2.8-litre V6 turbo petrol capable of delivering between 600 and 750 PS depending on version, it was joined by a 100% electric version. 

But we know when it comes to power and performance, it's hard to settle. So at the Geneva Motor Show 2024, the Italian atelier removes the veils from the most extreme version of its GT. In keeping with Biscione tradition, it is called GTAmodificata, is 200 kg lighter, can have up to 200 PS more and will be produced in only five examples. Let's find out.

What it looks like

The first changes with respect to the standard version can be seen on the exterior, with the GTAmodificata fitted with new bodywork entirely in carbon fibre, which includes a unique 'metallic carbon' finish, completely personalised and combined with specific 19" alloy wheels in aluminium and carbon fibre to fit Pirelli Trofeo R tyres. 

Totem GTAmodificata

Totem GTAmodified, the rear

The interior - a 2-seater - has been redesigned in a minimalist key, with exposed carbon fibre, leather and Alcantara seats and an overall ambience that appears essential but elegant. And speaking of the cockpit, according to the manufacturer's own statement, even the driving position has been designed to suit the driver's needs.

The engine

But let's move on to the mechanics of this special Giulia. The engine is the same 2.8-litre V6 as in the 'normal' version, modified in certain aspects to unleash the 200 extra PS mentioned above. This gives a total of 810 PS, accompanied by 730 Nm of torque. All discharged to the ground by the rear wheels alone - with a limited slip differential - via a sequential transmission.

Modified GTA Totem

Totem GTAmodified

Modified GTA Totem

Totem GTAmodified

Christened the Gloria ITV62, it was built by Italtecnica Engineering. It can claim the title of the lightest twin-turbo V6 ever built and is capable of propelling the carbon-fibre monocoque of the modified GTA to a top speed of over 186 mph. Keeping that exuberance at bay is a Brembo braking system with 355 mm discs at the front (6-piston calipers) and 345 mm discs at the rear (4-piston calipers). 

The price of each of the five examples will be €1.1 million (approx. £940,000), excluding customisations. First deliveries are scheduled for summer 2026.

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