Pininfarina takes centre stage at the reborn Geneva Motor Show, where it exhibits the hydrogen-powered+2 Enigma GT and offers visitors the chance to try out its design tools for themselves. The Swiss event is also an opportunity to show how the Italian company, founded in 1930, is still an important player on the international stage thanks to strategic partnerships.

The partnership with Hon Hai Technology Group ("Foxconn"), one of the world's largest manufacturers and technology service providers, takes the form of the Model B compact electric crossover designed by Pininfarina under the brand name Foxtron, a subsidiary of Foxconn, which sports a new look in Geneva.

Born for the city

Inspired by the logos of the Pininfarina and Foxtron brands, the new graphic design of the Model B presented in Geneva shows unprecedented elements especially at the rear, where the silhouette is particularly aerodynamic. The Model B is in fact based on the platform of a Foxconn production model, the Model C, but with changes to the dimensions of the platform and a revamped look as follows: the design of the S-duct has been revised, the roofline has been made more aerodynamic and the management of airflow on the D-pillar has changed. All designed to reduce turbulence.

Il crossover elettrico Model B di Pininfarina (2024)

Pininfarina's Model B electric crossover (2024)

These measures allow the Model B to achieve an excellent drag coefficient of 0.26. The matt white colour was chosen precisely to accentuate its sleek contours and aerodynamic qualities. The compact Model B is nevertheless a city-born electric crossover, 4.3 metres long and with a wheelbase of 2.8 metres. The claimed cruising range is 311 miles.

Don't call it a 'show car'

The Model B is "the perfect synthesis of our commitment to dressing technology in attention-grabbing packaging", comments Pininfarina CEO Silvio Angori, recalling that the Model B is not a show car, but a product vision based on an architecture that the customer is already developing.

Il crossover elettrico Model B di Pininfarina (2024)

Pininfarina's Model B electric crossover seen from behind

"This collaboration," he adds, "leverages Pininfarina's expertise in aerodynamic efficiency through testing in our Wind Tunnel and a seamless user experience through interior design and human-machine interaction (HMI) skills.

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