The new Fiat Panda, the electric one, will debut in July. Certainly not new news, however, a lot of information is missing: What will the styling be like? Will it be electric only? And the platform? Questions that are partially answered by a surprise video published by the Italian manufacturer in which CEO Olivier Francois anticipates the style and content of the new generation, and then some.

As anticipated years ago, in fact, the new Fiat Panda will give life to a series of models linked by the same philosophy, replicating what was done with the Fiat 500 and its 500L and 500X spin offs. Which models? We tell you all about them below.

The strategy

Before talking about the model, however, it is impossible not to describe what the product plan will be. Because after the official debut of the new Fiat Panda on 11 July 2024, new models will arrive annually until 2027. All of them will be based on a new global platform - the name of which is not known. It could be the STLA Small, the Smart Car or something else - and multi-energy, i.e. for 100% electric, combustion and electrified models.

All the models 'will share the same philosophy', says the press release, and will be assembled in different factories so that they can easily reach all markets. For now they are only concepts but, as Francois states in the video below, they will become reality in the next few years. But let us now see which models will make up the new Fiat Panda family.

New Fiat Panda, the Mega Panda

We start with the 'proper' Fiat Panda. Larger than the current generation - ready for a slight restyling coming soon - it is called the 'Mega Panda'. The shapes are square but not angular, derived from those of the even more personal Concept Centoventi, with pixelated front lights (similar to those on the Hyundai Ioniq) and a wraparound car charging cable. There is no mention of dimensions, but the new Fiat Panda is expected to be about 4 metres long, like the new Citroën C3.

Fiat Panda 2024 concept

Fiat Panda 2024 concept

Fiat Panda 2024 interior

Fiat Panda 2024 interior

The interiors of the new Fiat Panda can also be seen, inspired - as anticipated some time ago by the company - by the Lingotto, Fiat's historic headquarters. The oval shapes (including the steering wheel, although Francois himself admits in the video that this may not be the case in the production version) will be the hallmark of the Pista 500, which is on the roof of the Lingotto. There will of course be sustainable materials such as recycled plastic and bamboo. The driving position will be elevated - the new Fiat Panda will be a sort of crossover - and the interior will be minimalist in style.  

Fiat pick-up

Fiat Panda Concept pickup

Fiat Panda Concept pickup

The second model in the Fiat Panda family is a pick-up, a segment that is not particularly successful in Europe but is very popular in South America, one of Fiat's main markets. The front end is in line with that of the citycar, while the shapes are more muscular and the rear box is the real distinguishing feature. Defined as a vehicle that 'combines the peculiarities of a pick-up with the functionality of an LCV and the comfort of an SUV' it will also have dimensions 'suitable for the city'. However, considering the nature of pick-ups - work and transport vehicles - we expect a length of at least 4.8 metres. Far less than the Tesla Cybertruck.

Fiat fastback

We then move on to a fastback which, to quote Fiat, aims to have its say in markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, while also targeting Europe. Again, no dimensions have been announced and the fact that the car appears alone certainly does not help to get an idea.

Fiat Panda Fastback concept

Fiat Panda Fastback concept

The front end is familiar, as are the squared overall lines, with a rear window that slopes gently down towards the tail. A design that should help aerodynamic performance so as to increase range. As for the debut date, it should be in 2026, taking the place of the Fiat Fastback (on sale in South America) and Fiat Tipo.

Fiat Panda SUV, the Giga Panda

A classic SUV, dubbed the 'Giga Panda', could not be missing. It is supposed to be the largest model of the lot. The proportions are classic, with a decidedly imposing overall appearance. The roof is parallel to the ground, so as not to sacrifice interior space.

Fiat Panda SUV

Fiat Panda SUV concept

Fiat Panda Concept Camper

Fiat Panda Camper concept

Fiat Panda Camper

The same thing happens in the fifth and final model of the new Fiat Panda family and it is also the most original. It is a camper van, with solutions suitable for life out in the open air - called a camper van. According to Francois, it is the ultimate evolution of the original Fiat Panda from 1980. Versatility and simplicity.

Geneva, without Geneva

Going back to the beginning of the video, one cannot fail to mention the reference to the Geneva Motor Show 2024, scheduled to take place between Monday 26 February and Sunday 3 March. An appointment that the entire Stellantis Group has decided to snub like many other global manufacturers. In fact, only Renault has responded among the old acquaintances, while BYD and Saic Group will come from China.

New Fiat Panda, the video

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