In our region of the world, Fiat may be little more than a shadow of days gone by and it is also virtually non-existent in the important US car market. However, the Italians obviously know quite well how to print money in other parts of the world. 

2023 marked the third year in a row in which Fiat sold more cars than any other brand in the large Stellantis conglomerate. As a reminder, the result of the FCA-PSA merger at the beginning of 2021 is a car giant with no fewer than 14 brands.

Fiat happily reports that demand has increased by 12 per cent compared to 2022. A total of 1.35 million vehicles were sold. The market share on the domestic market was only 12.8 per cent (11.1 per cent if only passenger cars are counted). The growth and overall stable figures therefore came from other regions. In Turkey, for example, the market share was 15.7 per cent. In Brazil, as many as 21.8 per cent of new car buyers opted for a Fiat. 

Still not really impressed? Well, let's take a look at Algeria. In the North African country, 78.6 per cent of new registrations were accounted for by the Turin-based manufacturer. 

Things also went really well in South America. More than 542,000 units were sold there - an increase of 45,300 cars compared to 2022. The overall market share: 14.5 per cent. In the Middle East & Africa region, the Italians once again took the title for the brand with the most new registrations - for the fifth time in a row. The market share here was 15.7 per cent. 

And which cars were the most popular? In Italy it was - unsurprisingly, despite its advanced age - the Panda. The relatively compact Strada pickup was once again very popular in Brazil, while most customers in Turkey and Algeria opted for the Tipo/Egea. 

The best-selling electric car in Europe (A and B segments) was the Fiat 500e with a market share of 14.7 per cent. The stylish electric car took the lead in the segment in Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Austria. The previous generation of the 500 with a combustion engine and the Panda together accounted for more than 230,000 sales on the old continent. Pure Fiat dominance in the city car segment with a share of 44.4 per cent. 

2024 could also turn out to be another good year for the Italians. A new Panda will finally be launched in Europe. The 600 crossover hopeful will also have its first full year in competition.

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