Alpine is putting the finishing touches on its first all-electric hot hatch, the A290. Since the beginning of the year, the A290 has undergone extensive testing in extreme weather scenarios, with temperatures plummeting below -30°C.

The French automaker has been testing prototypes on tracks and open roads to ensure optimal performance in adverse conditions. From engine responsiveness to driving precision, every technical parameter is subjected to rigorous full-scale tests, Alpine says in a new press release. Another important part of the evaluation is testing equipment such as heating, defogging, defrosting, and electronic stability control (ESC) in snow conditions.

Gallery: 2024 Alpine A290 winter testing

The photos provided by Alpine (attached in the gallery above) also serve as another teaser for the Renault 5-based hot hatch with no tailpipe. This is the first time we get to see the model’s exclusive Alpine steering wheel, crafted in Nappa leather and inspired by the company’s motorsport heritage. The wheel also provides quick access to essential functions borrowed from Formula 1, including OV (overtake), RCH (recharge), and drive modes.

During the winter tests, the A290 was equipped with Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 tyres, developed specifically for the model. In the final production model, each tyre will bear an exclusive marking, denoted by the coding system for each Alpine model. It will ensure customers get a matching tyre when they need to replace it. For the A290, the code will be A29.

Little is known about the vehicle's powertrain but it is believed there will be two versions of the A290. Both will be front-wheel-drive and the more powerful one will have an output of around 270 PS. Range and charging numbers are not known at the moment.

The official debut of Alpine’s electric hatch is scheduled for June this year. The Renault 5 EV, meanwhile, will debut during the 2024 Geneva Motor Show.