When Ares Modena introduced the press release for its conversion pictured on the cover of this article, it read like this: "Experience the epitome of automotive excellence with the Ares Defender V8 Convertible from Ares Modena. This SUV masterpiece, combining grandeur, boldness and sophistication, is inspired by the legendary British off-roader and meticulously crafted in our Modena factory."

We think so: Fancy going on safari in the urban jungle or feeling like Erich Honecker in his Range Rover converted for hunting? Then this topless Defender in the classic Land Rover look should appeal to you. And if you also like archaic V8 engines and elegant country-style interiors with few technical frills, the Ares Defender V8 Convertible is actually a must-buy.

So now you know what this is all about, and you can probably look at the pictures, interpret them and place them in your taste compass even without a textual description. It's just an old Land Rover chassis with a fabric roof, folding windscreen and LED headlights, and the expansive carbon wheel arches are fitted with 305 Cooper tyres on 18-inch rims.

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Under the bonnet of the Defender, which is also made of carbon fibre, sits a 5.3-litre V8 with 380 PS and 519 Nm of torque. It is coupled to a 6-speed automatic gearbox with off-road gear reduction and all-wheel drive. Coil springs with electronically adjustable ORAM shock absorbers are supplemented by a 35-millimetre suspension lift kit, and the brake discs with a diameter of 265 millimetres are each clamped by 6-piston brake calipers. Driving fuel economy? None!

The interior is also wild. You can choose from a range of options. These include 20 leather colours, 45 Alcantara colours and 27 embroidery options. Everything is handmade whether leather, carbon or wood panelling. Less classy: the hi-fi system with navigation, which seems to come from the original Defender. But fortunately there is Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Heated seats and a tow hook are listed as accessories. Well ... congratulations.

Oh well ... a price would be good, wouldn't it? Ares Modena doesn't mention it. But finding a donor vehicle would probably be a good start, and then calculate with a six-figure sum, but depending on your customisation wishes, of course.