Now that the Toyota Land Cruiser has become an SUV with a retro design, we thought it would be an excellent idea to stretch the Suzuki Jimny Pro, also with vintage aesthetics, to see which one we like best with the same dimensions.

To get that 'stretch', there's no easier way than to resort to a digital recreation and observe the result. Here's the seven-seat Jimny. It's shocking to see such a big and long 4x4, isn't it?

Suzuki Jimny carrocería grande

From 3.48 to 4.92 metres long

That's normal, because the real thing is just 3.48 metres long, with a wheelbase of just 2.25 metres and a minuscule 85-litre boot. Outside Europe, a five-door version is also available, with a length of 3.98 metres.

But in this case, we are talking about a Jimny with dimensions very similar to those of the Land Cruiser (4.92 metres long) and an interior with three rows of seats for seven seats. The truth is that we like this hypothetical version, so it's time to ask Suzuki to make it a reality (although it's not going to happen, unfortunately). 

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With off-road credentials

In an ideal world, the seven-seat Jimny would ditch the modest 102 PS 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine in favour of another in-house electrified powertrain. What's more, it could agree with Toyota (the two manufacturers are strategic allies) on a non-plug-in hybrid powertrain. For example, that of the RAV4 with 218 PS.

However, the 4x4 system would be retained from the original model: chassis with longitudinal members and cross members, two rigid axles, all-wheel drive connectable with a reduction gearbox, hill descent control, etc. Of course, the approach angle would be much worse, but we'll take it as a minor sacrifice for being able to fit the whole family and take a trip to the countryside.

Price Jimny seven-seater

Of course, knowing that a new Mitsubishi Montero is in development for 2027, this trio of Japanese SUVs would meet the needs of many 4x4 enthusiasts. Fortunately, it looks like such vehicles are set to continue into the electric age. 

How much would the seven-seat Jimny be priced right now? For the Jimny Pro, Suzuki is asking €23,868, while the Toyota Land Cruiser VX costs €76,450. So, if it were in the €35,000 - €40,000 range, it would be an excellent buy, don't you think? Leave us your opinion on our social media profiles. 

Source: Carscoops