Length: 4,600 mm

Width : 1,855 mm

Height : 1,690 mm

Wheelbase : 2,690 mm

Luggage compartment: 580/1,690 litres (520/1,604 litres for plug-in hybrid versions)

The Toyota RAV4 was one of the first mainstream SUVs. Evolved over time in terms of engines and technologies, for some years now it has only been offered with hybrid powertrains, either full or plug-in: two versions that differ mainly in size in the boot.

The 2024 model, which can already be ordered with prices starting at £39,875, has been slightly revamped by the company's designers, who have introduced a brand new front end with slimmer, more aggressive headlights and a new, larger interior infotainment system.

Toyota RAV4, dimensions

The Toyota RAV4 is 4.60 metres (4,600 mm) long, 10 cm less than its rival Honda CR-V, with a width of 1.85 metres (1,855 mm), height of 1.69 (1,690 mm) and wheelbase - the distance between the front and rear wheel centres - of 2.69 (2,690 mm). Dimensions that make it a medium SUV in its own right, especially in length.

Toyota RAV4 GR Sport

Toyota RAV4 GR Sport

Toyota RAV4, roominess and luggage compartment

The interior of the Toyota RAV4 is rational and well made. In fact, the Japanese SUV gives the idea of being a car that is really ready for anything and that intends to last for many years. All of the materials it is clad in are of excellent quality, with the upper part of the dashboard soft.

Roominess is something that has always distinguished the Japanese model. The RAV4, especially in its latest generation is in fact very spacious, even in the rear where it is ready to accommodate child seats and children. The only pity is that the seats can only be folded down in 80/20 mode.

Toyota RAV4 interni

Toyota RAV4, gli interni

Toyota RAV4 Adventure

Toyota RAV4 Adventure

The boot of the RAV4 is one of the largest in its class, with a rather regular shape and varying by only a few litres in the case of choosing a plug-in hybrid version. Capacity with five occupants goes from a minimum of 520 litres in the latter to a maximum of 580 litres in the full hybrid versions with a smaller battery, values similar to those offered by much larger estates.

Lastly, in terms of engines, the Japanese SUV is only available with the 2.5-litre aspirated 4-cylinder engine combined either with full hybrid technology, with one or two electric motors in the case of front or all-wheel drive, or with plug-in technology, which adds a larger 18.1 kWh battery for almost 50 miles (80 km) of zero-emission range (declared according to the WLTP cycle).

Motorisation Power Power supply Transmission
2.5 HEV 218 PS Petrol + electric Front, CVT automatic transmission
2.5 HEV AWD-i 222 PS Petrol + 2 electric Integral, CVT automatic transmission
2.5 PHEV AWD-i 306 PS Petrol + 2 electric Integral, CVT automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 GR Sport

Toyota RAV4 GR Sport

Toyota RAV4, competitors with similar dimensions

The segment of the Toyota RAV4, cars with a length between 4.50 and 4.70 metres, is full of choices, especially from generalist brands. For example, we find the Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail, both also from Japan, or the new Volkswagen Tiguan and Opel-Vauxhall Grandland from Germany. Almost all of them offer both full hybrid and plug-in versions.

Model Length Luggage compartment
Toyota RAV4 4.60 metres 580/1,690 litres
Honda CR-V 4.71 metres 587/1,642 litres
Nissan X-Trail 4.66 metres 585/na litres
Opel Grandland 4.48 metres 514/1,652 litres
Renault Austral 4.51 metres 500/1,525 litres
Volkswagen Tiguan 4.52 metres 652/na litres

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