If the Dacia Sandero became the best-selling car in Spain last year, we are sure that the new Sandman 2024 would repeat that undeniable success in the camper segment. After all, it would appeal to many customers (especially young people) because of its low price. 

As you can see from a video posted by Mahboub 1 on YouTube, the digital vehicle, generated using computer software, sports the Romanian brand's latest design language and, curiously, has a rather sporty image, which is not very close to that of a camper van. 

The large air intake on the front bumper, the tinted windows, the two-tone alloy wheels and the darkened headlamps and lights are just a few of the things that catch the eye. No one can describe this van as not being passionate.

Gallery: Dacia Sandman

However, in keeping with the crossover/SUV line, the Sandman has plastic underbody protection and a high ground clearance. For easy access to the interior, there is a sliding door at the side and two side-opening doors at the rear. 

If you remember the previous Sandman (shown below in green), it offered a number of practical solutions, such as the rear bike rack, auxiliary lights and roof rack. In contrast, the new camper lacks all of them, although it can be fixed with Photoshop. 

Dacia Sandman, furgoneta camper barata

Let's move on to the interior of the Sandman 2024, which, like the exterior, has a modern look, thanks to digital instrumentation and a floating central display. Conventional controls for the climate control are retained. Overall, the plastics look hard, but have a good presence. 

When it comes to travelling, both the navigator and the multimedia system with smartphone integration make it easy to set the destination and arrive without difficulty. What about the interior design? We understand that, as in its predecessor, there is only room for a couple of sleeping bags on a flat surface. 

Dacia Sandman moderna

Therefore, customers of this Dacia camper would have to complete their vehicle by going to specialised shops and buying components such as water tanks, torches, kitchenware, cooker, etc. Obviously, it would be better to have a campsite as a destination so that we could wash up and do our business privately. 

How much could the Sandman 2024 cost? That, no doubt, is the big question. Its predecessor from years ago was designed to cost around €17,000, so the new edition, taking into account the price increase, would be worth €20,000 at the very least. In any case, it doesn't seem prohibitively expensive by any stretch of the imagination. 

It is worth remembering that Dacia markets the Sleep Pack for the Jogger, so it does see interest in the camper world. Does this mean it will go a step further and create a complete camperisation from a van? We can only wait and see...

Source: Mahboub 1 (YouTube)