The new products are not just for Europe. At the 2024 Geneva Motor Show, BYD is presenting two sub-brands (YangWang and Denza) and the BYD Seal U DM-i, which introduces BYD Super DM (Dual Mode) technology to our continent.

The new version of the 7-seater BYD Tang electric SUV, which has been awarded five stars in EuroNCAP crash tests and promises a range of 530 kilometres (329 miles) WLTP combined, will also be presented.

Six new products to suit all tastes

The new BYD products to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2024 (26 February to 3 March) are of all kinds, and even of all segments. Starting with the SUVs, they range from the Atto 3 to the Tang E-SUV, not forgetting the Seal U D-SUV, presented at Geneva in its new rechargeable hybrid variant (the Seal U DM-i will be launched in European countries where the electric recharging infrastructure is not yet mature.

Then there are two saloons, the Han in the E segment and the Seal in the D segment. Finally, not to be outdone by a C-segment hatchback, BYD is launching the Dolphin on the European market.

YangWang and Denza arrive in Europe

At the 2024 Geneva Motor Show, BYD previews the YangWang luxury sub-brand, which represents the pinnacle of innovation in new energy vehicle technology. The YangWang U8 is its flagship.

The structure is BYD's e⁴ platform, the world's first four-wheel independent platform to go into series production. The independent management of torque on all four wheels by the four motors allows the U8 to use differential steering, so that the left and right wheels can turn in opposite directions, allowing 360-degree rotation on the spot.

Yangwang U8 Premium Edition

Yangwang U8 Premium Edition

Another innovation on the Yangwang U8 is the DiSus intelligent body control system, designed to reduce the risk of rollover, minimise occupant displacement during cornering, acceleration and high-speed braking, and protect the vehicle from damage in extreme road conditions.

Denza, meanwhile, is the joint venture created in 2010 between BYD and Mercedes-Benz. The D9 and N7 models will be on show in Geneva.

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