Argentine manufacturers Tulio and Luciano Crespi recently presented Crespi Concept F1 Cars: a new division of their race car factory in the Buenos Aires town of Balcarce, specialising in the construction of replica Formula 1 single-seaters.

But these are not just any F1 replicas. They are copies of the cars used in the filming of the'Senna' series, which will be released this year on Netflix (find out more). Crespi was hired by the production company to make the biopic on the life of Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna, and was tasked with building the cars that will appear on screen.

Tulio Crespi worked on the design and manufacture of the vehicles, while Luciano accompanied the filming to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, to ensure that the vehicles ran smoothly (and also acted as a stunt double in the driving scenes).

The cars used for the filming were left in the hands of Netflix, which will show them during an international tour to launch 'Senna'. However, the Crespi family has retained the 'know-how': all the technical knowledge to build single-seaters identical to those that raced in Formula 1 during the Brazilian driver's glory years.


The first public presentation of the Crespi Concept F1 Cars took place last weekend at the Fiesta Nacional del Automovilismo in Balcarce. The official launch of this new F1 collection division took place over the weekend of 2-4 February. These are cars that really work, as the creators explained.

"We've all dreamed of driving or collecting this type of car at some point: the time has come to share and enjoy them with all of you. They are designed for high-performance circuits, with technical features tailored to the general public, to reach their potential while guaranteeing maximum fun and safety," said Crespi in the press release at the official launch.

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"The monohulls have been built to meet safety standards and competition homologations. The cabin and chassis retain the original dimensions of the models shown. We have optimised rider comfort by maintaining the original driving position", added Crespi.

The company has indicated that the models will go on sale in 2025. No details were given on the mechanics or price of these units. Four models will be available: "McLaren 85", "Lotus 86", "Ferrari 90" and "McLaren 91". All are inspired by the most iconic F1 cars that Senna drove and raced, such as Alain Prost's Ferrari.

Crespi's idea is to market the cars to racing car collectors purely for pleasure. That's why the international slogan of Crespi Concept F1 Cars is clear: "Crespi: The New Super Toy".

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Comunicado de Crespi Concept F1

Crespi: The new Super Toy

Inspirados en el proceso de construcción de las réplicas de Fórmula 1 para la producción fílmica "Senna", Crespi se lanza al mercado con un nuevo producto. Se trata de un innovador "Concept Car", modelado sobre la base de los clásicos F1 de los años 85 / 90. Con la experiencia y pasión de Tulio Crespi, Sandro, Matías y Luciano Crespi, desarrollaron un proyecto que involucra herramientas de alta tecnología, dirigido a los amantes de la F1.

Los monoplazas Customizados de gran porte, pensados para circuitos de alta performance, con prestaciones técnicas adaptadas al público en general, para alcanzar su potencial asegurando máxima diversión y seguridad.

“Todos soñamos alguna vez con manejar o coleccionar este tipo de autos, ahora llegó el momento de compartirlos y disfrutarlos con todos ustedes”.

Los monocascos son construidos con estándares de seguridad y homologaciones para competición. El habitáculo y chasis mantienen las medidas originales de los modelos representados. Optimizamos el confort para el piloto, manteniendo la posición de manejo original.

Inspirados en históricos F1, los modelos que saldrán a la venta a partir de 2025:
- Mc Laren 85
- Lotus 86
- Ferrari 90
- Mc Laren 91