The Stellantis Group's financial results and sales levels in 2023 were up on the previous year, with one figure standing out above all others: net profit reached €18.6 billion, a figure which, compared with €16.77 billion in 2022, represents a clear increase of 11%.

Stellantis' sales are also rising, reaching €189.5 billion in 2023, up 6% on 2022. Worldwide sales of cars and commercial vehicles are no less positive, reaching 6.16 million units (+6.6%). Deliveries of electric vehicles are also up by 21%.

Good sales in Europe, poor in China and Asia

The sales figures by geographic region are also particularly interesting, as they show that the Stellantis Group is growing well in the enlarged Europe (+7.1%) and in the Middle East and Africa region (+56.5%). The Asian market, on the other hand, is in crisis. Stellantis is down 19.6%. Maserati recorded modest growth worldwide, with 26,600 deliveries (+2.7%).

  • Extended Europe: 2,814,000 (+7.1%)
  • North America: 1,903,000 (+2.2%)
  • South America: 879,000 (+2.3%)
  • Middle East and Africa: 443,000 (+56.5%)
  • China, India, Asia, Pacific: 102,000 (-19.6%)

Stellantis also indicates that €6.6 billion will be paid to shareholders in the form of dividends and share buy-backs in 2023, an increase of 53% on the €4.3 billion paid in 2022.

We will continue to be solid, even in the face of a turbulent 2024".

Commenting on the 2023 results, Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, said:

"We have just passed the three-year milestone for Stellantis and I would like to warmly thank all the teams who, with a high level of excellence, are making a decisive contribution to our growth, despite the adversity of the moment.

Carlos Tavares

Carlos Tavares

The record results announced today are proof that we have become a new world leader in the industry and that we will continue to be strong as we approach an eventful 2024. Thanks to the flexibility of our technologies and the established product roadmap, we are ready to face the different scenarios that may arise, continuing to achieve the objectives of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan."