Do you remember the CC (Coupe-Cabriolet) versions of compact cars? Those niche vehicles disappeared after a few years of good commercial results. Nowadays, there is no reason to believe that they will be resurrected, but can you imagine an open-top Dacia Sandero? Maybe it would be a game-changer? 

OK, we know that the digital vehicle at the top of the article was not made by a Photoshop prodigy, as there is a clear disproportion in size between the rear-view mirror and the seats. Thankfully, at least the steering wheel is located on the right. But the important thing here is to assess the acceptance of this hypothetical convertible.   

As always with a Dacia, its low price would be the main hook with potentially interested customers. Now that the standard Sandero starts at £13,795, a price of around £20,000 would seem quite interesting for the folding hardtop version. 

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Inexpensive, eco-labelled convertible

It would be a car that could be used all year round, as the hardtop would provide good insulation from the cold and rain during the autumn and winter months. Logically, it would be designed for one or two people. With the roof stowed, the luggage compartment would, of course, be quite small, though.

Despite its greater weight, due to the hydraulic system that moves the roof, the Dacia Sandero Cabrio could remain with the same engines already known from the range and not have to resort to more powerful engines. We are talking about the bifuel (petrol and LPG) 1.0 ECO-G with 100 PS and the turbocharged petrol 1.0 TCe with 90 PS. 

With the former, as well as carrying the Eco label, the Sandero convertible would run on the cheapest fuel available today, LPG. Because having a luxury car doesn't mean you can't spend less on it, right?

A striking car

Of course, we have no doubt that this model would generate a lot of curiosity in Europe. After all, who could imagine such a Sandero? But we're interested to hear what you think about it, so if you'd like to share your thoughts with us on our social media profiles, we'd be delighted to hear from you.  

Below is a video with another virtual Sandero Cabrio, now with the new logo of the Romanian brand. In the face of so many monotonous SUVs, such a vehicle would be a brave revolution.