Just as in the world of sport, where it is a shock to see Lewis Hamilton in a Ferrari jumpsuit or Luis Figo in a Real Madrid shirt, the car industry would also experience a revolution with a change of select nameplates.

For example, imagine that Renault, seeing the success of the Dacia Sandero in Europe, decided to add it to its range. More specifically, the Stepway crossover version, to complement the Clio, which does not have a lifted version of this type. What a media tsunami that would be!

Renault Sandero Stepway

It looks good with a diamond

But we don't want to stop there. That's why we're showing you the Renault Sandero Stepway in digital format, created by image processing specialist Nikita Chuicko. What do you think of the recreation you see in this article?

I don't know about you, but we think it's a very 'sellable' model in markets like Spain and France, even more so if it keeps the prices of the Sandero range, and it doesn't look bad with the diamond logo!

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Almost unchanged

Logically, there would be no mechanical changes, as the Renault Sandero Stepway would continue to be powered by the 100 PS ECO-G bi-fuel (petrol and LPG) engine and the TCe turbocharged petrol engines with 90 and 110 PS. 

Inside, the only change would be a new logo on the steering wheel... and little else, just like the Mitsubishi Colt and ASX, which are two clones of the Clio and Captur respectively.

A cheap car to get off the tarmac

The Stepway has specific bumpers, various body protections, luggage rails that convert into a roof rack, and different suspension and tyres that allow a 4 cm increase in ground clearance, so it can be driven on roads without fear of damaging the underbody.  

Ok, we know that this 'transplant' will never happen in Europe (in Brazil, there are several Renaults that are actually Dacias), but don't tell me it wouldn't be a "bombshell". Now that we've opened up the debate, we'd like you to give your opinion on the subject: do you think it's a good idea or just a blatant theft within a multinational? Comment on our social media pages!

Render: Nikita Chuicko / Kolesa.ru