Now that the new Land Cruiser has become more exclusive than ever (prices start at €76,450), Toyota could do with a small SUV for a much lower and more affordable price. 

Well, as rumours suggest, during 2024 the Japanese brand will unveil a 4x4 rival to the Suzuki Jimny, which until now has been known as a 'mini Land Cruiser'. Indeed, it will also have a retro look and will be based on the Compact Cruiser EV concept car. 

But no, don't think it will be 100% electric, because rumours suggest it will be powered by a hybrid system (whether plug-in or not, we don't know). The bad news is that it has not yet been specified whether it will be a global vehicle or whether we Europeans will be left in the lurch.

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Eco label or even zero emissions

This will be a 'real' 4x4, developed from a robust chassis of beams and cross-members. It will have a five-door body and could be around 4.35 metres long and 1.86 metres wide. These dimensions would be equivalent to those of the 'long' Jimny, which is not sold on our continent.  

The fact that it is a hybrid would be a great advantage in some European countries such as Spain, as it would enjoy the Eco sticker or even Blue 0 sticker emission categories. Surely, many would prefer it not to be plug-in so as not to have to acquire a charging point for home and buy it cheaper. 

There is talk that the first region to receive this vehicle will be Southeast Asia, as the 'mini Land Cruiser' will be built in Thailand. Incidentally, it will be based on the Japanese brand's modular platform, i.e. TNGA.  

Low price is the key

We don't yet know what 4WD claims it will have, but it will certainly share many with the Land Cruiser 2024. Will it have connectable all-wheel drive with a reduction gearbox and two rigid axles like the Jimny? Hopefully we will be able to answer these questions soon. 

If it arrives in Europe, Toyota's SUV will have a big advantage over the Jimny in that it can be registered as a passenger car and not as a commercial vehicle, so it will have rear seats, its top speed will not be limited to 90 km/h and the MOT checks will be the usual ones. Of course, in Spain, for example, the Suzuki costs €23,868 and that's a price that's hard to beat.