Fun cars in Europe are getting more and more expensive. Not only have manufacturers increased prices in recent years, but the governments of some countries have introduced new or higher taxes. France is no exception, and the Toyota GR Yaris is a brutal example of this.

Prices for the updated Yaris with rally genes and a 6-speed manual gearbox start at €46,300 in our neighbouring country. Quite a lot of money, to be honest. But the big bill is yet to come, because as a customer you end up paying double what the manufacturer actually charges.

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Why? Well, that's not the main problem. Customers pay twice as much when they put the three-cylinder pocket rocket in their garage. And why? Because the turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine emits a wasteful 190 grams of CO2 per kilometre according to the WLTP standard.

And with these emission values, France is asking you to pay a penalty tax. Although this is staggered, it has been drastically increased since 2024. You don't have to pay anything up to 117 g/km. 118 g/km costs €50, 119 g/km is €75. At 140 g/km, €983 are already due, at 160 kg/km €4,279. The French government will charge €22,380 for 180 g/km and the 190 g/km of the GR Yaris will cost an incredible €45,990.

So if you are now interested in a Toyota GR Yaris and you ignorantly have to buy and register the car in France, you will have to pay a total of at least €92,290 according to Adam Riese. At least? Yes ... It could be even worse. Namely, if you are interested in the GR Yaris with automatic transmission. The model with eight gears has a base price of €48,800 but emits 210 g/km. And then the maximum rate of penalty tax is due, which is a ridiculous €60,000 from 194 g/km. How much? €108,800.

Toyota France is nevertheless relatively optimistic about the popularity of the GR Yaris. The company has reserved 300 vehicles for the local market.