In the world of camper vans and motorhomes, it is common for users to start with small capacity models and, as time goes by, they move on to larger vehicles and naturally with more comfort. However, sometimes there are more affordable solutions than having to sell your beloved camper van because your family has grown.

The American specialist Super Pacific from Oregon is known for its camper modules for the big Yankee pick-up trucks, called the X1, and has many fans on the other side of the Atlantic.

Gallery: Super Pacific Cloud Cap

However, the product in this case is focused on camper vans and allows doubling the capacity of the vehicle's beds. It is called the Cloud Cap and is a mixture of a roof tent and a full pop-up roof, offering access to the van's interior.

The particular configuration of the Cloud Cap module is designed to leave room on the roof for the installation of an air conditioning unit and its vents, and includes 'T' slots to facilitate the installation of, for example, crossbars, solar panels, lighting, awnings and much more.

In addition, another major problem with roof tents and their poor thermal insulation in the colder months of the year has also been addressed. The Super Pacific Cloud Cap has an extruded aluminium frame, with a honeycomb composite roof and floor panels and quality polyester tent fabric, combined with an internal insulating lining (hot and cold), ensuring a superior bed for two adults, 100% usable 12 months of the year.

Super Pacific Cloud Cap

What do you need for installation? Super Pacific advises that a rectangular hole needs to be cut in the roof of the van and a weatherproof gasket installed to 'seal' the tent to the van. The body of the tent is mounted to the roof of the van using six brackets, making it more of a drop-down roof, rather than a freestanding roof tent.

Super Pacific Cloud Cap

Once camped, the top bed can carry a maximum weight of 272 kilos and on the move, the top of the Cloud Cap can carry a maximum load of 227 kg, thanks to the aforementioned T-bar system. Once folded, the Cloud Cap only sits 15 cm above the roof of your camper.

Super Pacific Cloud Cap

Finally, the Cloud Cap module is currently available for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 and 170 and Ford Transit 148 vans, with Super Pacific planning to add the Ram Promaster and Ford E-Series versions.

The Cloud Cap is priced at $12,200 (approximately £10,400 at current exchange rates) and is sold exclusively through Super Pacific's network of dealers and installers in the United States. If you are interested, you can always send an email to the Californian company, and find out if they ship abroad.