What's better than lots of SUVs? Even more SUVs! At least that's how Renault seems to see it and is now filling the gap between the Austral and Captur with a new ... you guessed it ... C-segment SUV. And because the French manufacturer also likes to come up with new names for new models, we will have to deal with the Symbioz from 2024 when we talk about compact SUVs from Renault. Here is the first teaser of the model.

According to the manufacturer, the rather unusual name has good reasons: "Symbioz sounds like 'symbiosis', derived from the ancient Greek 'symbiosis', which means 'living together'. This characteristic is deeply rooted in Renault's DNA and is expressed in the slogan 'Cars for life'. The term sounds similar in many languages: 'Symbiosis' in German, French and English, 'Simbiose' in Spanish and 'Simbiosi' in Italian. The completely new model name Symbioz is therefore easy to understand for a wide audience." Renault states this in its press release. 

"For this new compact family car, we wanted a name with a human character that expresses the close connection between a family and its car."

Sylvia Dos Santos - Head of Naming Strategy, Renault Marketing Division

The teasers also provide initial details about the design. The Symbioz appears to be designed more like the electric Renault models like the Scenic E-Tech or the Megane E-Tech, despite the fact that only a partial hybrid drive is to be used under the bonnet. The E-Tech full hybrid motorisation is said to have 145 PS in combination with a reduced vehicle weight of less than 1,500 kg. This should result in fuel consumption figures of 4.7 - 6.5 l/100 km in the WLTP cycle.

Gallery: Renault Symbioz Teaser (2024)

There are also technical highlights such as a so-called "Solarbay" panoramic glass roof with liquid crystal-based Polymer Dispersed Liquid Chrystal (PDLC) technology, which can be darkened opaquely without a roller blind. All well and good, but where exactly does the Symbioz fit into the extensive Renault SUV line-up? Here is our overview:

Model Length Drive
Renault Megane E-Tech 4.20 metres Electric
Renault Captur 4.23 metres Combustion / Hybrid
Renault Symbioz 4.41 metres Internal combustion / hybrid
Renault Scenic E-Tech 4.47 metres Electric
Renault Austral  4.51 metres Combustion / Hybrid
Renault Arkana  4.56 metres Combustion / Hybrid
Renault Espace 4.72 metres Combustion / Hybrid