Czech start-up MW Motors has launched the Spartan EV 2.0 as a budget-friendly electric SUV. It becomes the most affordable zero-emissions off-roader in the United Kingdom with a starting price of £49,995. 

Targeting “agricultural, forestry, nature conservation, mining, and extreme sports sectors,” the Spartan EV 2.0 is homologated as a light commercial vehicle. Excluding VAT from the listed price, MW Motors positions the model as an accessible solution for diverse industries.

Gallery: MW Motors Spartan 2.0

It’s much more than just an agricultural buggy with an electric motor, though. The vehicle rides on a ladder-frame chassis and has a bodyshell for a more robust overall package. Whilst the battery is sourced from China, MW Motors has meticulously crafted the remaining components in the Czech Republic. Preceding this in-house developed product was the Spartan EV, which was basically an electric conversion of the original UAZ Hunter.

The Spartan 2.0 boasts a single electric motor transmitting 174 bhp and an impressive 793 lb-ft of torque through a transfer case, enabling manually selectable two- or four-wheel drive with high and low ranges. Manual locking differentials at the front and rear, along with hill descent control, contribute to its decent off-road capabilities.

The electric energy is stored in a 57.4-kWh battery pack good for a practical range of approximately 150 miles at a single charge. Charging capabilities aren’t impressive compared to other mass-production electric SUVs but 90 kW of peak charging power doesn’t seem that bad, and allows 20-80 per cent fill in just over half an hour. Notably, bi-directional charging is supported, enabling the Spartan EV 2.0 to supply 230V for powering tools and equipment.

The interior of this electric vehicle distinctly reflects its utilitarian nature, featuring hard plastics and cloth-upholstered seats. The focus on practicality extends to the separate luggage compartment located behind the two seats. The cabin is equipped with essential features, including an infotainment touchscreen, a digital instrument cluster, manual air conditioning, and electric windows.

Despite its minimalist approach to amenities, the EV boasts impressive capabilities, with a pickup-matching load capacity of 1,025 kg and a towing capacity of 3,000 kg. It also has an impressive approach angle of 38 degrees, a departure angle of 35 degrees, and an estimated breakover angle of 25 degrees.