Mansory has taken a Mercedes-AMG G63 and turned the high-performance off-road icon into a three-axle, 1.37 metre longer and heavily carbonised crew cab pick-up with 900 PS and 1,200 Nm of torque. The Gronos 6x6 can even be supplied armoured on request. God forbid. 

You can see what has happened to the Mercedes-AMG visually. Rear-hinged rear doors, widened tread strips, carbon add-on parts fitted all round, impact protection devices mounted in front of the skirts, four additional LED headlights mounted on the roof and a cable winch at the front are also included.

Gallery: Mansory Gronos 6x6 (2024)

In addition, size 37x12.50x20 off-road tyres are fitted on size 9x20 rims. Thanks to an integrated tyre inflation system with compressor and control unit in the cockpit, the air pressure in all six tyres can be adjusted to the respective terrain conditions at any time at the touch of a button. Road tyres are also available.

In terms of technology, Mansory has given a newly developed and at the same time massively reinforced front axle and portal gearboxes on all axles. And even the third (additional) axle has a lockable differential in the longitudinal and transverse directions. A special chassis with high-performance shock absorbers complements the Gronos 6x6 suspension. All in all, the normal G-Class is not only significantly longer, but also 25 centimetres wider and 25 centimetres higher.

The drivetrain also had to be tweaked. The result is 900 PS and 1,200 Nm. We have already mentioned this. In detail, a new exhaust gas turbocharger with an increased boost pressure of up to 3.45 bar, a new intercooler, two high-pressure petrol pumps, adapted engine, transmission and CPC software, a sports air filter and a sports exhaust system with flap control are primarily responsible for the 315 PS and 400 Nm increase in series output.

Fuel consumption? 17.9 litres/100 km are stated, which seems completely unrealistic to us in view of the appearance. Also interesting: CO2 emissions are just under 0.5 kg per kilometre.

As with all Mansory conversions, the interior can be freely selected in terms of leather, colours, stitching and carbon design. To impressively demonstrate this advertised freedom of design, the tuner has finished the interior of the first of only 10 examples in a bright turquoise colour. Fierce. It's easy to overlook the more than 3,000 LEDs housed in the roof liner. And all that carbon fibre.