2024 will be the year of the Fiat Panda. On the one hand, the arrival of the first electric Panda since the 1990 Elettra, and on the other, a major overhaul of the combustion-powered model that has been around since 2011. According to the company's plans, the two models will run in parallel for at least two years, with the Panda we all know confirmed until 2026. Then we will see.

In future, the classic Fiat Panda will be called "Pandina", which roughly translates as "little panda". This is to clearly differentiate this model series from the new electric Panda, which will be unveiled on 11 July 2024. The latter could be based on the affordable Citroën e-C3 and take up the look of the Fiat Centoventi study from 20019. Incidentally, 11 July 2024 was chosen as the premiere date because Fiat is celebrating its 125th anniversary on this day. The Centoventi celebrated its 120th back then ...

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But back to the combustion Panda alias Pandina, which is expected to be presented at the end of February. It is the protagonist of some prototype photos that show a test vehicle parked in a multi-storey car park. What catches the eye is the VP0034 sticker (VP is the Italian abbreviation for test prototype) on the side and the test number plate. Visually, everything looks practically the same as before. And yet something is different.

We recognise digital instrumentation in the interior. Unfortunately, due to the resolution of the photo and the unfavourable lighting conditions, we can't be sure, but it seems that the redesign of the Panda is in line with most of its competitors, which have long been available with a monitor instead of the classic pointer instruments.

Fiat Panda/Pandina (2024) erste Erlkönigbilder

Fiat Panda (2024) - interior of the prototype

This is nothing revolutionary, of course, but it is a sign that the current Fiat Panda does not want to cede market share by being updated where necessary to keep up with other small cars. The 7-inch monitor is likely to remain in the centre dashboard, perhaps updated in terms of software.

However, it is not installed on the photographed specimen, it is rather basic equipment, as can be seen from the manual controls for the air conditioning. Another new feature of the Fiat Panda 2024 is the design of the steering wheel and the buttons in the spokes.

Finally, there could be new safety and driver assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and cruise control. Nevertheless, Fiat will probably try to keep the Panda, sorry ... Pandina at a favourable price. After all, the vehicle was a bestseller in Italy in 2023.

As far as the engines are concerned, the Pandina (or THE Pandina?) should definitely come with the 1.0-litre mild hybrid with 70 PS, while the 4x4 version could disappear for good. The rest of the technology will probably not undergo any particular changes either.

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