We already announced it at the end of last year, but now it's official: a good five years after its market launch, the BMW Z4 (G29) is finally getting the combination of an in-line six-cylinder engine and manual transmission. Say hello to the new Z4 M40i Edition Pure Impulse.

The Munich-based company boasts - quite rightly - of its long six-cylinder manual roadster past. The BMW 328 from 1936, the BMW Z1 from 1987 and the BMW Z3 Roadster from 1995 are just a few examples of this, and of course the last Z4 was also available with this combination. Now, for the first time, the current generation can compete with the B58 3.0-litre R6 and a six-speed manual gearbox. At present, the "sexy" combo is otherwise only available in the high-performers M2, M3 and M4

The Z4 M40i Edition Pure Impulse, like its twin with 8-speed automatic transmission, delivers 340 PS and 500 Nm. The power only goes to the rear wheels. The sprint from 0-62 mph takes 4.6 seconds with the manual gearbox. The automatic version is just 0.1 seconds faster. 

BMW Z4 Edition Pure Impulse (2024)
BMW Z4 Edition Pure Impulse (2024)

BMW promises a gearbox developed exclusively for this model. However, it is a modular gearbox that has been adapted to the performance of the engine. The 6-speed box has M-specific components in the area of the wheel set and the shafts. In addition, the so-called outer gearstick, which includes the gear lever, its guide and the connection to the gearbox, is a customised design. 

In order to emphasise the driving pleasure theme of the manual transmission M40i, BMW has sharpened up the suspension. The car is equipped with refined software control for the adaptive dampers, steering, traction control and the M-Sport differential. 

There are also specific additional springs on both axles and a stiffer stabiliser clamp at the front. There are also larger wheels - 19-inch at the front axle and 20-inch at the rear. 

From the outside, you can recognise the Pure Impulse edition by its black-painted exterior mirror housings, special flaps to optimise the air flow at the rear wheel arches and red brake calipers.

And you will have noticed that the car is very green in the pictures. This is due to the new Frozen Deep Green metallic colour for the European Z4 edition models. In the USA, they come in San Remo Green metallic. However, you don't necessarily have to order the car in the matt green colour. Other colours from the familiar Z4 paint portfolio are also available. Inside, the Pure Impulse comes with its own gear lever gaiter and exclusive leather in Cognac with black piping. 

Available to order now in the UK, deliveries of the BMW Z4 M40i with manual transmission will start in spring priced from £60,675.

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