The new Mini Cooper has already been presented at the IAA, as has the electric Countryman. But with the Aceman, the manufacturer has a third electric car up its sleeve. It is to be presented "in a few months", writes the manufacturer.

With a length of 4,075 mm, a width of 1,754 mm and a height of 1,495 mm, the Aceman occupies a position between the Cooper and the Countryman. The third, independent model in the new Mini family has four doors and a large tailgate, just like the Countryman.

Gallery: Mini Aceman (2024) Final tests under extreme conditions

The look of the Aceman is already familiar from a number of camouflaged models. It is much more reminiscent of the Mini Cooper than the rather tall and bulky Mini Countryman. For the first time, Mini is revealing the exact dimensions of the Aceman. Together with the unofficial details from March last year, a detailed comparison is now possible:

  Mini Cooper Mini Aceman Mini Countryman 
Length 3,858 mm 4,075 mm 4,433 mm
Width 1,756 mm 1,754 mm 1,843 mm
Height 1,460 mm 1,495 mm 1,656 mm
Wheelbase 2,526 mm 2,605 mm (?) 2,692 mm
Doors/seats 3/4 5/5 5/5
Drives FWD 184 or
218 PS
FWD 184 or
218 PS (?)
204 PS FWD or
312 PS AWD
Battery 37 or 50 kWh 54 kWh 66 kWh
Range up to 190 or 250 miles approx. 249 miles (?) up to 287 miles
Base price €32,900 n.a. €43,500
Market launch May 2024 2025 (?) Early 2024

In terms of wheelbase, the Aceman is closer to the Cooper than to the Countryman. The height and length are also only slightly greater than the Cooper. However, the difference in size to the Countryman is enormous: the Aceman is 16 cm less high and 36 cm shorter.

Whilst the three-door Cooper and the five-door Countryman are also available with a combustion engine, the Aceman is offered exclusively with a battery-electric drive. The battery stores 54.2 kWh, as Mini now officially states. It is already rumoured that the drive systems will be the same as in the Cooper

The five-seater with five doors should offer plenty of interior space with small external dimensions. Mini also promises high agility and low fuel consumption. As with the Mini Cooper, the technical basis of the Aceman will be the "Spotlight" platform developed together with Great Wall. The Aceman will also be built in China - just like the Cooper. The Countryman, on the other hand, is based (like the BMW iX1) on the FAAR front-wheel drive architecture and will be built in Leipzig.

Even though the model is due to be presented in a few months' time: The newcomer to the Mini will reportedly not be launched on the market until 2025. But until the world premiere, the newcomer will have to test, test, test. After cold tests in the Arctic Circle, the crossover is now undergoing final testing in the desert in strong sunlight and heat. In addition to driving dynamics and comfort, the air conditioning, charging and cooling of the battery, drive and control units will also be tested at temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Bottom line

Although the Mini Aceman is a five-door model like the Countryman, it is much more similar to the Cooper in terms of dimensions and appearance. It also shares a platform with the Cooper. The newcomer is due to be unveiled "in a few months", but will probably not be launched on the market until 2025. In terms of price, the Aceman will probably be priced between the Cooper, which costs around €33,000, and the Countryman, which costs around €43,000, but probably closer to the Cooper.