Ladies and gentlemen, what you see in the pictures is the new Porsche Macan. Prototypes have been spotted several times on the road in recent months and now it has finally been unveiled removing all doubt.

It changes a lot in design both outside and inside but especially under the bonnet with a line-up of all-electric motors and 800V architecture. The car can already be ordered in UK dealerships with first deliveries starting in mid-2024. Prices starting at £69,800 for the Macan 4 and £95,000 for the Turbo. Let's look at them in detail.

Dimensions and design

The new Porsche Macan grows by five centimetres compared to the previous generation reaching 4.78 metres in length and 1.62 metres in height with the latter figure being identical, which isn't bad considering that the battery positioned in the floor occupies space. Dimensions are not exaggerated and in line with the segment average considering that there are just a few centimetres of difference between it and its direct rivals, first and foremost the Tesla Model Y.

Porsche Macan (2024)

Porsche Macan (2024)

In terms of design, the car changes a lot, whilst maintaining the proportions that have won tens of thousands of customers around the world in recent years. The front headlights are now split and positioned on two levels: the upper module integrates the four-point LED daytime running lights, whilst the one below the high and low beam block have matrix technology.

The shapes are muscular but still soft in their lines, with aerodynamic appendages and trim that can be chosen in different colours (glossy or body-coloured) or in carbon fibre. The curvature of the roof is less sloping than that of the current Macan and is reminiscent of that of an SUV Coupe, with the rear window therefore being thinner. Confirmed are the rear LED headlights, now in Taycan style and joined by a continuous line that cuts horizontally across the car.

Porsche Macan (2024)

Porsche Macan (2024)

Performance yes, but also efficiency, which is precisely why great attention was paid to active aerodynamics in the design of the new Macan. At the rear, the rear spoiler automatically adjusts to three different positions depending on speed or driving conditions, whilst at the front there are a series of bulkheads that close the front air intakes. The bottom of the car is also fully fairing. Porsche claims an aerodynamic penetration coefficient of 0.25 compared to 0.36 for the petrol Macan.

Lots of quality and technology inside

Settling inside, the wow effect is assured because the cabin is very dramatic. You immediately notice the coupe-style frameless doors and, once inside, your attention is immediately drawn to the three displays of instrumentation (12.6"), central infotainment (10.9") with the new Android Automotive software and the polarised one not visible to the driver dedicated to front passenger entertainment only (10.9").

Behind the steering wheel and projected directly onto the glass is the head-up display with augmented reality function. The climate control has a dedicated dashboard composed of touch buttons with haptic feedback. The organisation of the interior spaces is good, especially in regard to the central tunnel considering that the gear lever has been moved to the dashboard to the right of the steering column. Here there are several compartments and also the plate for induction charging your smartphone.

Porsche Macan (2024)

Porsche Macan (2024)

Passenger space is good but not exaggerated, and especially in the rear it can be barely sufficient if a taller-than-average person sits behind the wheel. The luggage compartment capacity is also good, at 540 litres (the one in the Turbo version is slightly smaller due to the subwoofer) plus 84 litres under the front bonnet.

Starting with the Macan 4 and the Macan Turbo

The platform of the new Porsche Macan is the updated Premium Platform Electric (PPE) developed with Audi that will also form the basis of the upcoming Audi Q6 e-tron and A6 e-tron. At launch there are two versions on offer, both with all-wheel drive and representing the entry level of the range, the Macan 4 (407 PS), and the top version, the Macan Turbo (639 PS). The range will probably be expanded in the near future with the 4S or GTS versions, but for now these are only guesses based on Porsche's current engine range.

  Power Torque Acceleration 0-62 mph Top speed WLTP declared range
Macan 4 407 PS 650 Nm 5.2 s 137 mph 381 miles
Macan Turbo 639 PS 1,130 Nm 3.3 s 161 mph 367 miles

Powering it all is a 100 kWh gross, 95 kWh net battery pack consisting of twelve modules each with 15 prismatic cells and manufactured by CATL in Germany. According to WLTP homologation data, the Macan 4 has a range of 381 miles (613 km), which drops to 367 miles (591 km) on the much more powerful Turbo. As far as charging is concerned, thanks to the 800V architecture, the car's on-board charger can accept up to 270 kW of DC power (going from 10 to 80 per cent in about 21 minutes) and 11 kW AC power. For the time being, there is no 22 kW charger available.

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