People steal things from cars all the time. Whether it's the wheels, the catalytic converters, the radio, or just stuff from the interior, it happens all the time. In the case of this Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the thieves decided to steal the headlights. Reddit user No_Supermarket9751 posted photos of the bizarre crime that happened to his friend, and the end result is oddly disturbing.

The incident happened on Monday night in Düsseldorf, Germany, No_Supermarket9751 told Motor1. The Porsche was parked on the road, and the thieves used tin snips to cut into the wings/fenders for access to disconnect the lamps. The poor Taycan looks like it just got finished fist-fighting a can opener.


No_Supermarket9751 said his friend alerted the police, and the crime is under investigation.

This Taycan is clearly out of commission until the headlights are replaced the body damage is fixed. Depending on which lighting options were equipped from the factory, the headlight assemblies can cost about £2,600, and the control modules are £750. There's also a £250 motor for each light. The wings/fenders are over £500 each. Plus, they need to be painted and mounted. This is going to be an expensive repair.

This isn't the first time thieves have targeted the Taycan's headlights. While researching this story, we found a forum topic about thieves taking the headlights from a Taycan in 2021. It also happened to another Porsche in 2020, according to a Reddit post. So if you park a Taycan on the street, keep an eye out.