After so much anticipation, here are the first photos of the Alfa Romeo Milano, the compact SUV that is still covered by the latest camouflage, but which already shows what it will look like and how it will present itself on the market when it is officially unveiled on 10 April 2024.

In addition to the day of the official presentation, which will take place in Milan in just over two months' time as part of a streamed event, the company is also revealing details of the final stages of tuning the Alfa Romeo Milano on the Balocco test track.

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Milano first photos

The engineers who have overseen the design and development of the Alfa Romeo 4C, 8C, Giulia, Stelvio Quadrifoglio and 33 Stradale are also the ones who have designed the handling and driving dynamics of the new Milano, which is expected to be at the top of the category in terms of performance.

How much they have to do remains to be seen, as the Milano uses the same platform as the Fiat 600 or the Jeep Avenger. This means that it is not only the first purely electric car from Alfa, it will also be available with a combustion engine.

Under the direction of the expert Domenico Bagnasco, who is responsible for validating the dynamic essence of the vehicle, the Milano will, as with every Alfa Romeo, be tuned for "outstanding goals".

Alfa Romeo Milano, le prime foto

The Alfa Romeo Milano on the Balocco racetrack


It goes on to say: "The team is focusing on outstanding dynamics, with targeted and specific interventions on the chassis. The aim remains unmistakable driving dynamics based on direct and extremely precise steering geometry to guarantee fast cornering with a high degree of grip.

The project is led by Stefano Cereda, a big name in Alfa Romeo projects. Stefano Cereda, who was involved in the development of the Giulia and Stelvio diesel engines, made his debut at Alfa Romeo with the Giorgio project.

The platform that was grandly announced almost ten years ago, but on which "only" the Giulia saloon and the Stelvio were based. Before he "proudly" took over the management of the Milano project, Stefano gave the green light for the development of the Tonale's Q4 280 PS plug-in hybrid engine.

Foto: Alfa Romeo B-SUV, das Rendering von

Alfa Romeo Milano in the rendering by

The aim of this refinement work on the Milano remains "unmistakable driving dynamics thanks to direct and extremely precise steering that guarantees fast cornering with high grip".

Another Alfa Romeo employee at the Test and Development Centre in Balocco (VC) is Luigi Domenichelli, the Italian engineer responsible for validating all the Milano's subsystems in terms of performance, durability and comfort. According to the manufacturer, the ambitious design goals of the Alfa Romeo Milano also include first-class ergonomics thanks to a refined human-machine interface. We remain curious.

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Milano first photos