Ice is the ultimate equaliser. A thin layer can turn city streets into ice rinks that not even a 56,000-pound (25,000 kilogram) fire engine can easily navigate.

Two videos published to social media captured the moment a fire engine from the Rock Community Fire Protection District lost control on a quiet residential street in Missouri as it responded to a car accident. Both clips captured the truck doing a 360-degree spin on the ice-covered street before careening into a front yard and nearly striking a home.


The massive fire engine avoided the residence but collided with a parked Chevrolet Cruze at the bottom of the hill, the same car involved in the original accident. The truck hit the Chevrolet so hard that it knocked the car into the grass as the emergency vehicle came to a stop against another house.

The Rock Community Fire Protection District released a statement on Facebook saying no one sustained serious injuries from the incident. Both vehicles sustained damage, but the house escaped without any structural damage.


The incident happened around 7:00 AM central time Monday as a massive ice storm moved across the central part of the country. Missouri and Arkansas, two states ill-prepared for extreme winter weather, had numerous counties under an Ice Storm Warning and Winter Weather Advisory. The Rock Community Fire Protection District encouraged people to share the video to highlight the risks of icy roads and adverse weather conditions.