The Mercedes-AMG One is an automotive superhero, holding lap records at legendary tracks such as the Nürburgring and Monza. Now, there's one for sale for the equivalent of £4.3 million.

Exotic car dealer F1rst Motors, located in Dubai, is asking 20 million United Arab Emirates Dirham for this AMG One. The dealer doesn't provide any details about the car's provenance, and claims there are zero miles on the odometer. Whilst we're sure the mileage is low, this car must've rolled at least a few feet at some point in its life, so the true mileage can't be zero.

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Like any proper superhero, Mercedes has kept at least one fact about the AMG One a secret: Its original price. The company has never published an exact figure, but reports put the cost around £2.5 million – roughly half what this dealer is asking.

That's what makes this listing so intriguing. Mercedes reportedly isn't letting buyers flip their AMG Ones. First deliveries started just one year ago, so this example can't be very old. Perhaps Mercedes isn't actually enforcing the no-flipping rule, or the original owner of this car is simply ignoring the mandate to get an early flip before other owners do the same.

Either way, it's unlikely you'll be able to own this AMG One if you live in America. The car was never available in the United States, only adding to the car's exclusivity. Mercedes told prospective customers it would have needed to modify the powertrain to meet regulations that would "significantly compromise its performance."

Still, a person in the US with enough gumption might be able to import an AMG One under the "show or display exemption." It allows certain special vehicles to enter the country as long as the car only covers 2,500 miles per year. The process requires lots of paperwork but could let the hypercar into the country.


The AMG One features a Formula One-derived powertrain consisting of a 1.6-litre V6 with an electrically assisted turbocharger and four electric motors. The setup provides a total output of 1,049 bhp. The 8.4-kilowatt-hour battery exists more for power than range, since the hypercar can only go 11.2 miles solely on electricity.

The electric range is hardly the AMG One's focus, though. It can reach 62 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds and 124 mph in 7.0 seconds. The top speed is a similarly impressive 219 mph, putting it on par with the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1, among the fastest cars in the world.

The person who buys this AMG One gets to join the hypercar's elite group of owners and drivers. F1 drivers Valtteri Bottas and Nico Rosberg are among the 275 customers. Plus, Lewis Hamilton helped develop the hypercar.