We know that winter is not the best time to buy a camper van or motorhome, whether new or second-hand. The bad weather, the cold... all that encourages you to stay at home or enjoy a 'comfortable' accommodation, such as a hotel or a rural rental home on our spontaneous getaways.

However, if the motorhome in question is well prepared, why not? Just for a moment, forget about the classic brands that usually serve as a base for this type of transformation: Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Renault, Ford...

Surely you haven't thought of any Korean firm, such as Hyundai or Kia, have you? Well, if we go to their local market, we will discover models that we would love to enjoy in Europe (and UK), such as the Hyundai Staria camper (you have the photos below) or the small Kia Ray, a curious car with a markedly urban character, also camperised .

And all this, of course, without forgetting the so-called Kia Bongo that we are going to talk about today. A huge recreational vehicle, very interesting if you want to travel with family or friends... and with all kinds of comforts on board.

The Kia motorhome for family trips

An interesting point about this model is its price. Although we are talking about a huge and very well-equipped motorhome, which is over 6.5 metres long, the purchase price is around £60,000 at the current exchange rate, right? A very reasonable figure that, if we compare it with some of the models sold in the UK, we could even qualify it as a good price.

Ok, you're right, it's not one of those affordable motorhomes or camper vans that you can buy for a cheap price, which we like to talk about so much. But it is true that, if it were to reach our market, there would be plenty of people interested in it.

Getting into the technical specs, this preparation is based on the chassis-cab version of a truck and uses a 2.5-litre diesel engine, which delivers 133 bhp and 293 Nm of maximum torque. 

And inside? Well, there's enough room for five occupants, who enjoy air conditioning, heating and even underfloor heating. Not forgetting a U-shaped dinette and a full kitchen with burner, a microwave, a 150-litre fridge and a stainless steel sink. 

A family motorhome with full bathroom

Finally, the Kia Bongo has a full bathroom with toilet and shower, as well as a practical heated shoe rack to keep shoes warm and dry at all times. This is unusual, but very practical in autumn and winter, especially for outdoor sports and activities.

On the other hand, for the hottest summer days, in addition to the aforementioned air conditioning, there is also an outdoor shower and a drop-down awning, for when you get bored of watching TV during your holidays.

Source: Motor1.com Spain