With a luxury brand like Bentley, you certainly don't expect a flood of new models every year: New models come in small batches, destined for a limited number of owners. The year 2024 will be no exception, but what the British manufacturer will unveil will be crucial.

In the coming months, the new Bentley Continental GT will make its debut, which is set to be even more powerful and luxurious than the current model. The other new model is the revised Bentayga, which has already been unveiled and is in dealerships.

So here are the Bentley novelties for 2024:

Bentley Bentayga

Launched in 2020, the Bentley Bentayga is the first (and so far only) SUV model for the winged B. With the 2024 model year, the shapes and dimensions remain as usual, but there is no shortage of innovations. Especially on the technical side.

Bentley Bentayga 2024

Bentley Bentayga (2024)

First of all, the Bentayga 2024 has four-wheel steering, which was previously only used in the long wheelbase version. Added to this is the improved and more efficient plug-in hybrid system. There are also new options for customising the exterior and even more advanced driver assistance systems.

Name Bentley Bentayga
Body 5-door SUV
Powertrains Petrol hybrid
Release date In the course of 2024
Prices TBA

Bentley Continental GT

The first Bentley Continental GT dates back to 2003 and was the first vehicle to be produced under the VW banner, which has belonged to Crewe since 1998. An iconic model that has maintained the same style throughout its 20 years of existence, evolving from time to time in terms of power and performance. Characteristics that will be at the centre of the development of the new model expected for 2024.

Bentley Continental GT 2024

Bentley Continental GT (2024) as a prototype

There is no official information yet, but rumours speak of a V6 hybrid powertrain for the Bentayga - an alternative to the classic V8 with even more horsepower. This has nothing to do with the monumental W12, which was discontinued in 2023. Of course, we expect even more luxury and technology, both in terms of the infotainment on board and the driver assistants. 

Name Bentley Continental GT
Body 2-door coupé
Powertrains Petrol hybrid
Release date In the course of 2024
Prices TBA

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